Give the gift of pure bliss this festive season

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Bliss isn’t normally the first thing on a Christmas shopping list. But when you stop and think about it isn’t it a simply fantastic gift?

The holiday season is a time for giving – but however well you know the people on your gift list, finding the right present can be tricky. At the end of the day, all we want is to give our loved ones joy bliss and happiness, that’s the reason we’re out shopping in the first place.

Here at Lumity, happiness, bliss and wellness is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. We started to wonder whether perhaps material goodies weren’t always the quickest route to pure bliss, and whether it might be possible instead to give the gift of happiness this festive season. We had a lot of fun working out how best to do it. Here is our list of 5 gifts of happiness you might be able to treat your favourite people to this holiday season.

1. Give an experience

This could be as simple as a trip to the theatre or as lavish as a hot air balloon ride – but the benefit of giving an experience rather than an actual physical thing is that it delivers happiness three times over. The mum who is gifted a spa experience is delighted on Christmas day, excited as the day arrives and full as happiness as she reminisces about the event. Even better, do the experience with your loved one – then not only does the experience make them happy, but the time spent nurturing their relationship with you does too.

2. Give a token

You might think this is the easy option – after all it doesn’t require shopping or purchasing anything at all. In actual fact, the gift of a well thought out token giving your loved one something only you could provide is one that is more likely than anything to create happiness. If your relative has a new baby, give a token that allows them to go out for a night while you watch the child. If there’s a child in your family, give them a token promising a day out at the ice skating rink. A pair of ice skates would elicit oohs and ahhs as they come out of the box, but a day spend ice skating with their favourite aunt or uncle is likely to create much more overall happiness.

3. Give a holiday

Taking someone you love away is an investment both financially and personally, in the form of time, but it’s a gift that will create happiness and it won’t just be theirs! The present of an adventure abroad (or nearer to home) expands the holiday season beyond a few days in December and allows the person you love to have more happy family times to look forward to. Planning the exact details of your adventure – even just one night away – will be enjoyable and exciting, let alone actually taking your trip. Boring the rest of the family silly with your holiday snaps will be the icing on the cake.

4. Give something personal

It takes a lot more effort, but making your gift personal makes it instantly more meaningful, and attaches sentiment to the present in a unique way. Whether your gift is entirely home made (perhaps produce from the garden turned into jams or chutneys, or knitted scarves if you’re crafty) or if it’s just got a personal angle, giving someone something intended clearly just for them will make them feel your love and attention every time they use it. There are so many fun photo items available these days, from mugs with your picture on, to family calendars, so there’s plenty to choose from.

5. Give the gift of personal growth

There’s no quicker route to happiness than pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, and if considered carefully, Christmas can be a great time to give a family member a gentle nudge. It could be that your brother or dad has always wanted to learn a language, take a computer course, take some art lessons – in which case sign them up. They might worry they don’t have time or feel nervous about actually doing it, but they’ll thank you the moment they step foot inside the first class. If your loved one is harder to work out, maybe get them a book about a hobby they have, or a subscription to an inspiring magazine. A coaching course could be an amazing present for the right person.

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