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Do you find your evenings are often stressful when you'd love them to be calm and relaxing, Here's how to ensure you relax so you sleep well too!

Getting home after a long day sounds like such a simple process and yet it can cause so much stress. The way you finish your day can have a huge impact on how the rest of the week unfolds so if your evening routine leaves you feeling like you want to head to bed at 7pm it might be time to make some changes.

It makes sense that if you spend your evenings tearing around, eating foods on the go while desperately trying to answer emails and pick up after the kids, or tidy up your living space, then you’re likely to feel fraught. If you go to bed angry and stressed, it’s unlike you’re going to sleep very well. But if we just adopted a few simple habits we could help turn around our entire evening and then have a lovely relaxing night’s sleep.

Go to bed 30-minutes earlier

Yes, you heard us right. It can be tempting to stay up watching boxsets, but this just makes you likely to over-sleep, which in turn makes for a rushed morning the next day.

By going to bed half an hour earlier than you usually would and relaxing with a good book, you’re likely to sleep better because you won’t have the details of your day running through your mind.

Don’t check your phone

One of the very last things most people do before they close their eyes is check their phone. However this automatically makes you more stressed because you’re thinking about how you’ll answer messages that you’ve just downloaded. “You are reacting to what the world wants you to react to,” Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, author of ‘The Stress Solution’ told Lumity. “Leave your phone outside of the bedroom to remove temptation.”


With an extra half an hour on your hands in the evening don’t waste it starring at the TV or checking your emails. Just 10-minutes of meditation a day can give you an overwhelming sense of clam and peace. Headspace co-founder and former monk Andy Puddicombe swears by taking that time to “just do nothing”. With so many meditation techniques at our fingertips now, it won’t be difficult to find one that works for you.

Make a list

Scheduling your days will automatically make you feel calmer in the evening and the days ahead look more manageable. Make a master-list on Sunday nights of the key things you want to get done that week and the order in which you want to do them. Ticking them off as each evening goes by will give you great satisfaction too.


We’re not talking about squeezing in a full body spa treatment, but taking a few minutes for a Lumity Facial Oil massage at bedtime will help relieve tension and lead to better sleep and in turn a less groggy morning. A-list facialist Nichola Joss has given us a step-by-step guide performing the ultimate facial massage using Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil which is packed with deliciously calming essential oils. Once you’ve finished, take your 3 evening Lumity bedtime capsules, clean your teeth and head to bed.

Don’t hit snooze

It’s fair to say that at one time or another most of us have hit the snooze button. But while we think we are gifting ourselves a little treat of ten extra minutes in bed we are doing more damage than good. Allowing yourself to slip back into the land of nod when you’re body has already been woken up by the alarm confuses it. Sleep inertia is an ugly thing and can leave you feeling groggy for hours. Jump out of bed in the morning and that will give you extra time to do this 5 minute yoga routine for energy..

Prepare yourself

Although you might not feel like making lunches and picking out clothes in the evening you’ll likely feel happy you did it when you wake up. Preparing whatever you can the night before can help hugely the following morning. Pack your bag, lay out your outfits, even prep your snacks and you’ll find yourself with a surprising amount of extra time on your hands.

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