Had a really tough day? Here’s how to bounce back

-May 17, Hannah Hargrave, Mind -

While retreating into bed might feel as if it’s the only option there are a some surprisingly simple and nurturing things you can do to bounce back.

Battling through a day which comes loaded with difficult, upsetting or just plain awkward events is hard enough but getting over it can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain too.

While retreating into bed and pulling the covers over your head might feel as if it’s the only option, know that there are a some surprisingly simple and nurturing things you can do to bounce back.

Whether you’ve had a tough day at work, had an argument with your partner or just nothing seems to be going right for you, we’ve all been there in some capacity.

How you recover from a horrendous day can make all the difference to your wellbeing though so if you think you just want to hide away and cry for the week try some of these nurturing tips instead.

Talk to Someone

It can be tempting to say ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ because sometimes you just don’t want to relive the pains of the day. But it’s can be good to vent. If you have a trusted and understanding loved one who is happy to listen it might help to talk – or even text – out your problems to them. They could offer you a new perspective on the day or at the very least you’ve got a few things off your chest.

Laugh About It

You may thing there is absolutely nothing funny about what you’ve just been through but as the old proverb says: ‘He who can laugh at himself will never cease to be amused’.

Laughter is great medicine so try to find the funny side in something that’s happened and if you simple can’t, then watch a comedy to lighten your mood and get your giggling.

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Pamper Yourself

We know that pulling on your sweats, scraping back your hair and letting your puffy eyes go into overdrive when you’re feeling down can be tempting. However it won’t do much for your confidence. When you’re feeling down on the inside it can really help to look good on the outside. Even if you’re wallowing in your own self pity from the comfort of your own home why not pamper yourself?

Indulge in a facial massage with Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil, have a fancy, candlelit bubble bath, do your nails or whatever makes you feel good about yourself.


Nobody ever feels worse about themselves after exercise. Grab your trainers for a brisk walk in the fresh air, take out your frustrations at a boxing class or go for a bike ride. Whatever workout you choose will get the happy endorphins flowing and help you clear your head. 

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Make a List of the Positives

When life gets you down you think you have nothing good going on but don’t just wallow in the negatives, actively force yourself to sit down and right out some of the things you are grateful for. It can help you look at the day you’ve just been through and realise that while it may have been awful you still have a lot of good in your life. 


We all have something we find relaxing. It could be reading a book, doing yoga, meditating or kicking back in front of the television. Whatever it is give yourself permission to do it. Letting your brain shift into relaxation mode can help you reset and recover and it definitely beats crying over a huge pile of dirty laundry. 

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