Hair styling tips to make you look younger

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hair styling tips to make you look younger
If you want to look 10 years younger it could be time that you gave your hair a makeover. You don’t have to go all out with a drastic new do to knock years off your appearance though, these simple styling tips could make all the difference.


When we are thinking about how to make ourselves look younger we generally reach for an anti-ageing skin product or open our favourite magazine for some makeup tips. But you might also want to take a good look at your hairstyle – especially if you have been relying on the same look for years. 

if your locks are dull, brittle or too long they could be undoing the hard work that you put into retaining your youthful complexion.

Luckily there are some simple things you can do, from tweaking your style to adding a touch of the right colour that can help you turn back the hands of time too.


Get a fringe


With age comes fine lines and wrinkles, but if the vertical and horizontal creases on your forehead are getting you down there’s a way that you can cover them up with your hair. A full side swept fringe will cover your brow lines instantly and it’s much cheaper than wrinkle-smoothing injections too!


Add highlights


Adding highlights to your locks doesn’t just brighten your tresses it also lifts your complexion. So if you feel your skin looks a little ashy and dull, consult a colour technician who will pick out the best colour highlights for your skin tone. You’ll be surprised at what a few light streaks can do you for you.

Change your parting


It might be time to change up your parting. As strange as it can feel when you switch up the place you’ve been parting your hair for years, doing so can make a big difference. The wrong parting can age you and drag your features down, this is particularly true of the centre parting. Have a bit of fun mixing it up to try something new.


Tone it down


As we age our hair can lose volume and thin out. In a bid to boost flat hair we can sometimes go overboard and add too much height. Rather than teasing your hair into an ageing bouffant add volume by picking the right volumising shampoo and conditioner. That way you’ll ensure you look elegant and modern rather than being back combed all the way into the 1980s.


Have it cut


Having long hair can drag you down and take your features with it, especially if the lengthy locks have no shape to them. Even just taking a few inches off your hair can make it – and you – look healthier. Asymmetric styles like a choppy collarbone length bob can deflect attention away from wrinkles too. It is a classic style that has worked for Vogue supremo Anna Winter for decades. 


Lighten it up


If your hair is thinning then having very dark hair will make the problem much more visible. Lighten up your tresses a few shades and your scalp won’t stand out so much. Also very dark hair can cast shadows on your wrinkles making them more obvious.


Look after your grey


Going grey doesn’t have to automatically make you look old, you just have to look after the colour. Just as yellowing teeth can age you, so can the wrong shade of hair. Use a purple toning shampoo to neutralise the yellow and there’s no reason why you can’t embrace your healthy silver strands. In fact, in some cases going grey can actually make you look younger than colouring your hair. 


Whether your hair is long, short, grey or black you need to look after it to keep it healthy. If you need some haircare tips you might like to read our guide to getting beautiful glossy hair and if you want to cover up the few grey hairs that are popping up you can follow our tips to disguising greys without a trip to the salon.

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