Healthy couples activities you can do together

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Everything’s better when you do it together which is why we’ve come up with a list of healthy activities that you can do with a friend, or your partner. 


AcroYoga is a blend of acrobatics and yoga and strengthens your relationship as well as your health and fitness levels. The poses require teamwork, trust and communication. Poses are ones that you can only do with someone else, such as double downwards-facing dog, which help you to stretch far more deeply and fully that you could do by yourself. “This is also known as partner yoga,” teacher Madeline Wright says. “It’s a brilliant practice that’s fun to do and will help you to feel more in touch with each other’s feelings and bodies on a deeper level.”

Rock Climbing 

If you’ve never spent an afternoon rock climbing, it’s a brilliant way to learn to support and rely on your partner or friend. It’s also a fantastic way to build communication skills. As you scale a (small part of) a mountain, your other half acts as your eyes on the ground, letting you know where to place your feet and get to the top in one piece. In turn, you give encouragement as they climb up the rock face. You can also go to an indoor centre and it’s a great way to get fit too. 


There’s something that’s so life affirming about going for a decent hike with a loved one while you both put the world to rights – without the distractions of a TV show, or your phones. It’s perfect for a recovery day when you don’t want to go hard at the gym, but you can also burn some calories if you want to, by picking a hike with hills. Why not pack a picnic for when you get to a place with a view and make a day of it? 


Get fit and blast away serious amounts of pent up stress with your partner at a kickboxing class. We know couples who swear by kickboxing twice a week, with Pilates on the other two days, for a serious full body workout each week that truly gets results. As well as learning a new skillset, partnering up will help you to both work on your fitness get a better night’s sleep and improve mental clarity. Work with your partner, not against them, and as they weeks fly by, you’ll probably notice that it turbo-charges your sex life too – thanks to all the endorphins and the self-confidence that comes from feeling toned and strong. 

Dance classes 

Salsa classes are not only fun, they’re surprisingly good exercise and you’ll both learn new skills to showcase next time you’re invited to a wedding or family gathering. It’s also an inherently flirtatious, sexy and intimate type of dance and that really can’t hurt your love life if anything it’s pretty much guaranteed to improve it. “Couples in long-term relationships often find that things get boring in the bedroom because they have fallen into a rut,” says sex therapist Dana Wilkins. “But sometimes they’re self-conscious and feel unable to ask to try new things. Dancing by nature is all about letting yourself go and learning to enjoy the moment, which in turn will translate to improving your sex life.” 

Doubles tennis 

Win or lose, you’re in it together when you partner up for a tennis game against another couple. If you want to win, it’s crucial to work as a team and pick up the slack if you can see your partner is about to miss a shot – which are essential components of any successful relationship. It’s also a brilliant cardio work out that works your core arms and legs so even if you don’t win the game itself, you can’t lose.  

Bike riding 

If the weather’s lovely one weekend, why not rent bikes and go for a ride with your partner? Cycling is a brilliant cardio exercise that burns calories, but also a great way to explore the area where you live and see it with fresh eyes. If you’re both competitive, you’ll push each other to go further than you would have on your own and you can have a heart to heart as you both work out. 

Cook together 

If you’re on a health kick, rope in your partner to plan out and cook healthy meals with you. After all, there’s nothing worse when you’re eating for great health and the person you live with is eating piles of fried food and sugary snacks. You could even sign up to do a cookery course together? Divertimenti in London has cookery classes and courses from plant-based Mediterranean with Marcia Barrington, to Indian-inspired vegan with Ravinder Bhogal, to Tortellini at Midnight with Emiko Davies. Louise Avery of LA Brewery is hosting a Masterclass in Kombucha session on March 20th, and you’ll even get your own brewing kit and start your first brew during the demonstration with Louise’s guidance – the perfect way to kickstart a healthy habit.

Book a hot air balloon ride! 

What could be better than setting off at dawn to watch the sun rise over the horizon as you float up into the sky? Better yet you could make a weekend of it and head to the highly instagrammable rock formations of Cappadocia in Turkey for an early hot air balloon flight. Then, take a small group, full-day tour of the region by luxury vehicle to see the cave houses and churches of Göreme Open Air Museum. Romantic, fun and an adventure – which are the perfect ingredients in to liven up any relationship. 

Make a bucket list 

Sit down together and make a travel wish-list. This doesn’t have to be the sort of place you go to for a fortnight for unwinding on a beach, instead think fun, new places, seeing the world together and making memories. We love Bethlehem, the Azores, Ischia, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Cambodia, Norway (to see the Northern Lights), Nicaragua and Bhutan – but make your own list and tick off as many as you can. It will add a new level of excitement to your relationship as you sit down and plan out an adventure together. 

Supplement together 

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