Healthy New Year: Strengthen your heart, sharpen your mind, future-proof your body

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A new year’s resolution shouldn’t be all about deprivation and unattainable goals, instead why not make a new year’s promise to yourself to simply better your mind, body and soul?

The key to a happy, healthy existence lies within you! Your heart and your head rule pretty much everything about you. So it makes sense that you should sharpen both to ensure you are living your best life. 

An unhealthy heart, through lack of exercise, diet or stress can lead to life altering medical complications and a mind that’s no longer challenged or is weighed down with woe can have way more of an impact than simply altering your mood. 

If there are two things you should promise yourself as we enter 2020 it’s that you’ll start caring more for both because you’ll look and feel better for it. 

Ways to strengthen your heart

Since heart disease is one of the five most common causes of premature death in the UK it’s imperative you care for your ticker. Here are some simple ways you can strengthen this all important organ. 


It’s not fad diets which keep your body in check, it’s consistently eating a healthy diet that will have the biggest impact. Our heart needs good nutrition, not foods which will block arteries and cause cardiovascular diseases. 

Ditch processed foods and pack your diet with plenty of vegetables, nuts, fish and good oils. Include a supplement like Lumity’s Morning and Night formula to ensure you’re getting all you need on a daily basis that you can’t get from diet alone.

When your body is at a healthy weight you will be able to exercise harder and more regularly. Eating nutritious food doesn’t mean you’ll feel hungry and bored either. In fact, it can mean quite the opposite. Consuming the right foods can leave you feeling full for longer and fresh produce is so tasty that cooking up delicious, home cooked meals can actually be quite quick and simple.


When it comes to heart health – and your waistline for that matter – exercise is key. Stress can play havoc on your body and exercise helps reduce these stress levels. In addition, physical activity, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and makes your heart physically stronger.

Exercising also releases the feel good endorphins so that you’ll feel happier as well.


We’re sure learning to get a good night’s sleep is a resolution many people would love to get their heads around. So you’ll be glad to know that your heart will be thankful too. If you don’t get enough quality sleep you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of cardiovascular and heart disease. Don’t let that thought keep you awake at night though! To better your sleep you need to stick to a regular sleep schedule, which means going to bed at roughly the same time at nighttime and waking up in the morning at the same time too – even at the weekends.

You should try not to eat after 8pm and switch off blue light emitting devices an hour or so before bed. 

How to sharpen your mind

Brain health might not factor in to your wellness routine, especially if you’re still in your 20’s and 30’s and your mind is sharp. But making mental workouts a priority can help keep memory in tact, stave off dementia and improve longevity. Maximise your brain power and focus using diet, exercise and getting plenty of sleep.


Once again exercise is a must! You may think of a workout as purely to tone and trim but moderate, daily exercise can trigger new brain cell growth. 

It can keep your coordination skills, strength and balance in check which all takes mental strength too. 

Get outside

The great outdoors is like a brain drug itself. Fresh air and being outside reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, it reduces anxiety and boosts your mood. A brisk, foot stomping, walk has even been shown to increase blood flow to the brain. 


Continued learning keeps your brain sharp and keeps you interesting too. . You don’t have to learn a new language every month or back to school – although feel free if want to – but reading, finding a new hobby and being genuinely inquisitive will do only good things for you brain power and longevity too.


Being dehydrated can leave you with a foggy feeling and impacts your memory and focus too. Sipping water throughout the day to keep your levels up will improve your concentration levels and help if you’ve been suffering from fatigue. 

It’s recommended you drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water a day. 

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