Holly Willoughby: ‘There is joy and benefit in ageing’

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Holly Willoughby beauty and wellness secrets revealed as she celebrates her birthday. She says that confidence that comes with age
Holly Willoughby says that confidence comes with age. As she celebrates her birthday, we’e taken a look at her beauty, style and wellness secrets.

Holly Willoughby started her career as a model, but it’s her down-to-earth personality and good humour which have made her a TV staple.

The star loves her job hosting This Morning and still makes time for primetime presenting work too, but everything needs to fit in around her family, husband of 11 years Daniel Baldwin and children Harry, 9, Belle, 7, and Chester, 4.

She has turned down lucrative opportunities as it would take her away from her family. So, as she prepares to blow out 38 candles on her birthday cake, we take a look at how she remains the bright, bubbly lady we love – and want to be, just a little bit!

Fashion is not really her forte

Holly certainly didn’t set out to become a style icon to millions of women. Her Instagram account boasts 5.1million followers, many of whom are hooked on checking out her daily outfit update with full ‘buy it yourself’ details. But although Holly loves style, she always used to play it safe. It was employing her stylist and now friend Angie Smith, to guide her that has given her more confidence to go outside her comfort zone. 

Holly revealed: “I could never wear trousers; I’d always stick to dresses but then one day, Angie turned up at my house with a single pair of black trousers and they were a game-changer. There is no doubt that a great fitting pair of trousers can make you feel good about yourself.”

And she is always happy to ask what others think of her look as it’s the best way to learn and grow: “I’ve improved my style by listening to those around me, including my stylist, Angie, and mum, who is 70 and dresses well. Listening to other people’s opinions helps push you out of your comfort zone, and you may find clothes you actually prefer to your normal look. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut where you feel safe.”

But above all Holly knows her off-duty wardrobe needs to be practical. “I hate the idea of wearing a pair of low-rise jeans with your bottom hanging out in the park! No one needs to see that on the school run. I’m definitely a high-rise kind of person.”

Holly’s skincare breakthrough

There is a reason Holly is always glowing – no matter what time she gets up – and that is mainly down to good genes! She admits when it comes to skincare she still has a lot to learn and doesn’t make the time to indulge her skin.

Although she has facials with Meghan Markle’s skin guru Sarah Chapman, Holly has never been one to fuss about her skin. But she’s getting better. “I am starting to look after my skin now because I feel like I’m getting older and I have to just grow up,” she said.

“By that I mean I have started taking my makeup off at night but for years I didn’t. I thought I was invincible and that I could go out at night and still look radiant and then you get older and realise that’s probably not the case.”

And it’s only because that part of her skincare routine got easier that she’s stuck to it! “I’m so sorry it’s true the only thing that saved my life is a few years ago when the invention of beauty wipes happened.” She is said to be a fan of In Transit No Traces by This Works which are infused with rosewater and water mint to brighten the skin. 

Instead of worrying about her moisturiser, Holly admits she believes the best thing for her skin is keeping it simple with protection and inside-out care. “Drinking lots of water and getting a good night’s sleep, plus a good suncream, is more important than a moisturiser.”

How Holly makes time for self-care

With a family and a busy career it would be easy for Holly to burn out, but she’s aware that making time for yourself is important for both your body and mind. “Living life and being unapologetic and giving back time to yourself is my idea of self-care,” she said. “Life is a little stressful so it’s nice to just have those moment for yourself and so you should! It’s really important to do that and not feel guilty about it for your sanity.”

As well as enjoying regular holidays, often with friends as well as family, Holly makes time for the little things to help her relax. “My perfect night in involves a glass of wine in the bath, lighting candles, listening to Desert Island Discs, then putting on a big fluffy robe, having another glass of wine and watching Killing Eve in bed!”

Holly says she’s become more confident now she’s older

Holly has noticed a change in how she thinks about ageing: “As I’ve been getting older, I’ve been paring everything back and with age, you get more confident in your face and who you are so I’ve realised I don’t want to put the lashes on and the hair in anymore; that’s the benefit and joy of ageing. You realise: ‘This is me and it’s got me this far and I’m happy with it and there’s more important things in life’ and you don’t worry about that sort of stuff anymore.”

Her fitness secrets remain just that

Holly knows that just by being in the public eye she has an influence and has always determined not to talk about weight loss and diets so she doesn’t influence others. Those in her closer circle over the years have let slip that she eats a healthy, wholesome diet and certainly makes sure she gets her 5-a-day. She is also spotted jogging near her West London home regularly.

After her daughter Belle was born in 2011 Holly took up Pilates and would have weekly sessions at her home with Pilates legend Lynne Robinson to tone and strengthen her body. After her second son Chester was born, Holly brought her exercise up a notch with kickboxing which is a fab calorie burner. She apparently even has a punchbag in her spare room so she can let off some steam anytime!

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