How A-list mums look just as fabulous as their daughters

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We take a look at the tricks our favourite celebrity mums are using to make sure they look every inch as glowing and beautiful as their children.

For us mums and dads it can be a shock when your children grow up – suddenly those little people who have taken up every ounce of your spare time for the past 18 years are adults, ready to take on the world and go out alone. And as you look at them, beautiful young people with their line-free faces, with more energy than you can ever remember having, it’s easy to feel left behind. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Now that your children are flying the nest, you have more time to devote to yourself, your own health and wellness. Hollywood mums Cindy Crawford, Goldie Hawn and Reese Witherspoon all have stunning grown children to be proud of – but to look at them you’d hardly know they weren’t their daughters’ sisters, rather than their mothers.

We take a look at the tricks our favourite celebrity mums are using to make sure they look every inch as glowing and beautiful as their children.


Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Le Bon


mums that look like daughters
They could be sisters! Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Le Bon looking gorgeous via @amberlebonofficial


Yasmin Le Bon is “embracing” ageing but when she turned up at London Fashion Week with her daughter Amber, 28, the 52-year-old former supermodel looked like her daughter’s twin! The pair wore outfits that complemented each other’s colour scheme, and with their lustrous locks and stunning facial features it certainly did not look like there was 24 years between them.

Yasmin and Amber have a very close relationship with the mum-of-three saying recently: “I just feel that we grow together. Maybe we are too close….is that possible? All I know is that I couldn’t be described as distant. I’m probably more of an intrusive parent!”

When it comes to beauty, she has a few secrets. Her key to taking care of her skin from the inside out? “Take a good balanced supplement,” she says. Lumity is her supplement of choice, and not only does it help her achieve her stunning glowing skin, it also has a great effect on her hormones post-menopause.

“I started taking Lumity, a health supplement that has a very subtle effect,” she explains. “A few weeks later my three daughters (Amber, Saffron, and Tallulah) all commented on my calm state. My mood was so much brighter and my muscles, which are normally so painful have been less tense.”


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Cindy Crawford and Gaia Gerber


At 51 years old, Cindy Crawford looks as beautiful as ever and is a positive inspiration for mums everywhere. Her stunning daughter Kaia, 16, has just started modelling and looks set to have a career as stellar as her mother’s. Beautiful genes are at play here, without a doubt! “Beauty, to me, is really about two things: confidence and passion,” says the former supermodel, perhaps explaining how she seems to get more stunning with each passing year – there’s nothing like the passing of years to build confidence in who you are. But there are also a few fabulous self-help tips we can borrow from Cindy.

Firstly, exercise your neck. “If you keep those muscles toned, it helps preserve the line of your jaw,” Cindy advises. She recommends lying on your back and raising your head off the surface. Then, without putting your head back down, bend your chin to your chest. Then put your head down. She does three sets of 10 but advises working up to it.

Her second tip is to indulge in an infra red sauna, weekly if possible. “Infrared is a super gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that helps me relax and improves my sleep,” she says. “It also stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles, improve overall skin tone, and improve circulation.”


So much fun showing these girls around Milano! The next generation…

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can u tell we're related ?

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Why healthy mums are happy mums


Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson


This mother and daughter duo don’t only share their incredibly beauty, but also their fun, bubbly personality. They’re both busy mums, and while there’s 33 years between them (Goldie is 71, Kate, 38) it’s not just down to chance that they both looks so beautiful – it’s down to healthy living.

“I think it’s the stuff we eat – like green juice,” says Kate. “Mom’s been drinking green juice forever. And taking teaspoons of olive oil. We love products and we have fun with products, but in terms of the real stuff that I’ve learned from mom, it’s her lifestyle. She was always healthy and active and drinking something green.”

“There are great creams out there,” adds Goldie. “Creams with this and creams with that, but I ingest oil,” she explains. “The skin is our biggest organ, and as you get older, you get drier. So I ingest two tablespoons of olive oil before bed and massage my face.”


We can learn so much from each other #preciousrelationship

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Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillipe


At 41 years old, there’s no question that Hollywood’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon could be her daughter Ava’s twin. Now 18 years old, young Ava has inherited both her mother’s stunning looks and her flowing blond locks. But ask mum Reese about their similar appearance and she’s in no doubt as to who looks best!

“She’s so much cooler than I am! She’s very cutting-edge,” the proud mum laughs. “And she knows a lot about fashion, and she has her own sense of style, which is amazing.”

The main reason Reese and Ava mange to look so great is their shared a commitment to healthy living. Reese is a dedicated runner and is often seen pounding the pavements near her Los Angeles home, with a trainer or other mum friends. And as soon as her kids, both Ava, and her middle child, Deacon, now 13, were old enough, Reese got her kids to come along on runs with her too.

Reese is also a keen yoga fan, and again, brings her kids with her to classes as often as she can. “I do see the resemblance,” Reese admits of her lookalike daughter. And just like mum, “she’s a beautiful person inside and out. She’s just a good soul,” the proud mum adds. “I’m not sure what she thinks. I’m just ‘Mom’ to her.”


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