How do Lumity’s supplements fit into a healthy lifestyle?

-Jun 1, Jenny Paul, Nutrition -

Diet and nutrition can often seem like a minefield, one minute we are told to avoid carbs, the next we’re told to eat piles of carb-packed vegetables! We asked Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD what her own beliefs are and how the nutritional supplements which she formulated fit in to a healthy lifestyle. 

What do you think is the perfect diet? 

We are all bombarded daily with news on what we should and shouldn’t eat and that information is often contradictory. I think the best path is moderation. A healthy diet is one which provides fruit, vegetables, good protein, carbohydrates and good fat. Mix it up and do your best. Lumity’s supplements aim to make it much easier to make healthier choices in all areas of your life. Your diet probably provides adequate quantities of most nutrients, Lumity’s day and bedtime capsules are not about substituting a healthy diet, it is about providing targeted nutritional support.

What is different about this?

Lumity supplements boost your health from the inside. It’s not just a quick-fix for your outer appearance, it’s supporting your inner efficiency that will radiate out in terms of stronger health, higher energy levels, glowing skin, great hair and nails, a new enthusiasm for life.

What are your beliefs on the body and how we should safeguard good health?

I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, if it has the right support, and I believe in the body’s superior inbuilt intelligence. Could any of us ever imagine creating the intricate multi-tasking, maximum productivity and excellent communication involved in just one cell let alone over thirty trillion of them all carrying out different and simultaneous roles in perfect harmony? If not, then I believe that our approach should hinge upon supporting how the body works, bowing to its superior intelligence, rather than seeking to substitute or correct any shortfalls we see.

Lumity supplements give the body the targeted support it needs. It has just the right balance of nutrients that work perfectly together to offer results that would be impossible through a cream or a multi-vitamin or a green powder.


If you’re wondering how to remember to take your three mocha coloured supplements every morning and your three vanilla ones right before you go to bed, we have put together a handy list of tips from our clients. And, have you ever wondered why Lumity’s capsules come in a softgel, rather than a hard capsule format, Sara has given us an in depth answer. 

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