How does Lumity help the circadian rhythm?

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The best lifestyle choice is not about what you eat, or when you exercise, but how you support the body’s circadian rhythm. You can save yourself the need to splash out on a multitude of skincare and wellbeing products if you invest in one that looks after all of your beauty and wellness needs from within like Lumity’s Morning & Night capsules. 

Our circadian rhythm influences all that we do and is what powers our sleep/wake cycles. This internal body clock regulates our sleep, metabolic rate, blood pressure, cardiac rate and how we look and feel. If our circadian rhythm is not running at optimum efficiency, we can feel run down, exhausted, unwell and unfocused – leaving us looking and feeling much older than our age. This also wreaks havoc on our skin. 

You can balance and fine-tune your circadian rhythm with Lumity’s Morning & Night supplements. This high quality, scientifically calibrated duo support the circadian rhythm with a steady supply of the right nutrients at the right time providing powerful targeted nutritional supplementation around the clock granting 24-hour repair and protection, that supports you all day (and night) long. 

Benefits of a healthy, supported circadian rhythm include; unapparelled focus and energy, overall wellness, an efficient metabolism, plus true inner health and balance that radiates outwards with healthy skin, hair and nails. 

The 24-hour clock, what happens to your body at each part of the day and how Lumity fits in:

6.45am: Sharpest rise in blood pressure – wake up. Open the curtains and let in natural light so your body switches into active mode for daytime. 
7.30am:  Healthy breakfast – the perfect time to gently wake up your metabolism. 
8am: Take 3 Lumity Morning softgels. The clever mix of vitamins A, D3, E, C, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, flaxseed oil, curcumin, plus other nutrients work together to set you up with a steady supply of energy and vitality throughout the day. They also boost your skin, hair and nails plus relieve oxidative stress. 
10am: High alertness – the perfect time to tackle work projects and focus on ticking important tasks off your to do list. 
12pm: Lunchtime meal – give your body a steady supply of energy with a balanced meal. 
2pm: Increased immunity – Lumity’s hard-working formula supports your immune system, with users reporting less seasonal bugs and colds. 
2.30pm Best co-ordination – If it’s the weekend, it’s the perfect time to challenge someone to a game of tennis or chess, or on a weekday, simply go for a brisk walk. 
3.30pm: Fastest reaction time – You’ll have unparalleled focus if you’re in a busy work meeting. 
5pm: Greatest cardiovascular efficiency – Ideal time to exercise. 
6.30pm: Highest blood pressure. 
7.00pm: Evening snack – Don’t eat too much at night, or you could be kept awake due to inflammation and indigestion. 
8.00pm: Avoid eating heavy foods after 8pm, give your gut time to rest. 
8.30pm: Avoid blue light exposure. It’s time to work with the signals in your brain that tell your body to prepare for rest mode. Too much light confuses the body into thinking it’s still daytime. 
9pm-10.45pm: Winding down. Relax with a good book and turn the TV off. 
10.45pm: Optimal bedtime – take 3 Lumity Night softgels. The formula prevents the breakdown of collagen and supports overnight repair and renewal. 
11pm: Restful night: For optimum health, your body works best when you respect a regular sleep/wake cycle, like going to bed at night and waking up in the morning around the same times from day to day (including weekends).

Lumity’s Morning & Night softgels. Take 3 upon waking and 3 right before you go to sleep.

Lumity’s creator, Sara Palmer Hussey PhD on Circadian Rhythm:

“What led me to create Lumity is that there was nothing really on the market that I saw as an effective ally to women of my age, who are starting to feel less than their best. Personally, I was going to meetings and kind of struggling, drinking coffee to feel awake and to feel able to cope with my day. Just constantly tired and under the weather. I really wanted something that would make me feel strong, in terms of immune health, energetically my best, and know that I was giving my body the support it needed to repair the damage the was ongoing day after day.

“In all my studies I’ve been fascinated by the body’s Circadian rhythm. The body has this natural rhythm and very different mode of functioning between day and night. To me, health is balance and the body thrives on balance. So, if we can attune to those natural cycles that the body has, and if we work with those natural cycles, we can be a lot healthier. When I was formulating this product, I wanted to harness those different ways of functioning that the body has. During the day you have this active mode and so the morning capsules highlight protection. They boost energy production and they get you going through the day, protecting your body from damage and making your body more efficient in terms of functioning.”

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