How doing this one thing can transform your skin

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So-called miracle skincare products are in abundance, but here’s why a cleanser is THE product you need to transform your skin.

In a bid to get your best complexion many of us dive headfirst into specialised products and procedures which promise us the skincare earth. From skin peels to fillers and even beyond the quest for healthy – and for some, even ageless – skin has become all confounding.
But rather than scrambling for the next drastic skincare advancement why not first take a deeper look at a simple step which could completely transform your skin. We’re talking about a cleanser.

The very simple act of cleansing your skin has such incredible benefits that done with the right product it can completely change your skin.

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What happens to your skin when you don’t cleanse it?

We’ve all fallen victim to falling into bed with a full face of makeup before but if you do it on a regular basis it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s not only the makeup you have to worry about, it’s the dirt, grime, sweat, dead skin cells and oil which will just sit there and fester, until it’s time to pile on the products once again and step out for more mucky build up.
That’s a lot for your skin to handle. So it’s not wonder with that piled onto your skin your pores get clogged and suddenly your skin is rife with pimples.
If you have oily skin you’ll notice more breakouts and feel your complexion getting even oilier.
You might think dry skin will become oilier too, but actually it can get drier, duller and even more lackluster when not cleansed.

On top of that the signs of ageing can actually become more visible.

Does a cleanser do more than cleanse?

The primary role of a cleanser is to clean your skin by removing dirt and oil, which is why people often assume a simple face wash with soap is enough.
Soaps be harsh on your skin, they can leave it dry and not thoroughly cleansed either.
A proper cleanser shouldn’t strip the skin of its natural oils or harm healthy skin cells. Instead it should be gentle enough that you can use it twice a day without your face feeling tight and dry.
But nowadays many cleansers do so much more, adding to their importance.
For example Lumity’s Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse removes makeup, exfoliates, hydrates and acts as a clarifying facial mask too.

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What ruins your beauty regime?

It doesn’t matter how well you apply your makeup, how well you moisturise or how face masks you plaster on, if you don’t cleanse your skin in the first place
The basis of every skincare routine should be cleansing, so that whatever you choose to put on it, is going onto a clean canvas.
Just think of it like this. You wouldn’t polish your floors or paint the walls if you hadn’t first washed the surfaces and prepped them for their treatment. The same goes for your skin. Making cleansing a priority, will make all the difference.

Team up your cleanse with Lumity’s Skin Nutrient’s Facial Oil for a powerhouse combination and discover how to deliver a DIY facial massage fit for Meghan Markle too.

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