Pre menstrual tension: ‘How I beat the PMT monster and won’

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How I Beat The PMT Monster And Won

Lumity was developed to fight all nine causes of ageing. But our clients notice a number of benefits; from better skin, more energy, deeper sleep, reduced hormonal issues and PMT to boosted immunity. 


Sophie Grant, 40, from Dublin, tells Lumity that during her time on our day and night supplements that she has clawed back weeks of her life, which before was previously being ruined by a solid 10 days of PMT, depression, mood swings and heavy periods every single month.

How I Beat The PMT Monster And Won


“For me the aspect of Lumity which no-one seems to talk about is the hormone balance,” Sophie says. “I had my son four years ago when I was 36, and my hormones have never really settled. I think I may have had a touch of post-natal depression, which was caused by a hormone imbalance that then never quite went away.


“I stopped feeling blue, but then I noticed last year that I was getting horrific PMT, which was lasting for about a week. I would have horrible skin, with spots and hormonal acne, and everything and anything would irritate me. My husband and I would have huge fights and I would get very emotional, angry and tearful.


“Often on Monday mornings I would sit down on my bed and cry, or after a long week I would sink into the bath with a large gin and tonic and feel like everything was unbearable and I had too much to do all the time. It was like, just being alive and doing all the normal chores that everyone else has to do was too exhausting. I had no energy and I was fed up and grumpy.


“Then, when my period came, I would be doubled over in agony for at least four or five days. I’d be as white as a sheet and really wrung out and frazzled. I’d take an anti-inflammatory every four hours, even in the middle of the night – it was just awful.


“But the ridiculous thing is, I was at the stage where I was so tired that I couldn’t remember a time when my life wasn’t overshadowed by my hormones for almost two weeks each month.


“A friend told me that she had been going through the same thing, but that Lumity had helped tremendously. So I decided to give it a try almost two years ago.


“I took the capsules thinking that they’d improve my skin, but I noticed by the end of the first month that I didn’t have that awful PMT and my period was light. I was sleeping better and I felt better able to cope. By the middle of the second month I was definitely happier and calmer. It was subtle but noticeable. I felt fresh and no longer tired. That month I didn’t have PMT so I had no idea that my period was due. As a result of my mood swings levelling out, my husband and I started getting along better and that has definitely improved over time.


“By month four my skin was much clearer, I no longer had enlarged pores, and I had completely stopped craving chocolate and sweet food. I started working out which also helped with my stress levels. It also managed to lift the last of my depression. I did some research and found out that eating a lot of leafy green vegetables, lots of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and having acupuncture would help my hormones so I made some changes to my diet and finally lost the last of my post-baby weight as well. That improved my self-confidence and so I make the effort to go out more socially and that has made me happier too.


“I’ve worked out that in the two years that I have been on Lumity that I’ve gained weeks and weeks of quality time back because I wasn’t curled up with PMT, period pain or depression like I would have been had I not been taking Lumity.


“My skin looks better than ever, and people give me compliments and say I look good, or ‘really well’ – which never used to happen before. And, as each month goes by, I do feel a marked difference, especially when I think back to what a mess I was when I received my first ever box of magic capsules. I feel as though I am bursting with ideas and full of a joie de vivre that I never had before. Ten years ago I used to think forty was pretty old and I did worry before my birthday that my forties would be awful, but I can honestly say that I feel fabulous.”


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