How nutrition helped me battle a serious disease

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How Nutrition Helped Me Battle A Serious Disease

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease on my 12th birthday in 1994, after years of being hospitalised, missing school, and pumped full of pills and potions, my parents decided to take me to a naturopath and it was life-changing. I was in remission in months after a huge overhaul of my nutrition, eliminating not-so gut friendly foods (namely dairy, wheat, gluten and refined sugar) and I started taking a long list of supplements to help me heal faster and for my body’s cells to thrive.

“Diet and lifestyle played a major role in my path of healing and learning more about health, nutrition and wellness was crucial. I have always been passionate about hoslitic health but sometimes going through hardships helps us find a greater purpose in life. So, a few months after my 30th birthday, I quit my job, and decided to go to nutrition school, to gain more of a deeper understanding and expand my knowledge even more on health, wellness and nutrition.

“I have been learning, reading and studying nutrition for two decades now, but it really comes down to this; my pure intentions were to use my positivity and enthusiasm to empower and inspire others about organic healthy living from the inside out.

“All this knowledge inspired me to found ‘Ashfab Nutrition’; an online wellness destination for healthy tips, tricks, tools, product reviews and videos to help women feel and look fabulous from the inside out. As well as being a certified nutritionist and health coach, I am currently writing my first health and wellbeing, cookbook, ‘Feed yourself fabulous” – the ultimate lifestyle guide to help others feel and look fabulous holistically. My aim is to empower others using all that I have learned since those dark days when I was a child confined to a hospital bed while my friends rode their bikes, took part in school sports and played happily outside.

“I eat to feel good, and that is my motivation, having been both unwell and well, and knowing that diet and lifestyle have a huge effect on health, I eat to live, not live to eat. I lived in Milan for one year to study fashion in 2005, and put on 6kg, ‘was constantly bloated, and stuffy most of the time, because I was living on pizza, pasta, panzeraottis and cocktails with little fruit and vegetables. so I am living proof that a diet dominated by plants and a positive mindset has helped heal Crohn’s disease naturally, and kept me feeling better today at 34 than I was at 24!

“Although I eat a predominantly plant-based diet, I am human, and get cravings too, for wine, cheese, chocolate, pizza, and burgers! Last night I shared a sour dough margarita pizza from a local Italian pizzeria with my husband! It was delicious. Life is for living and it’s important to have a healthy relationship with food, and stay balanced.

“There are many things that inspire me, I try to find inspiration in the everyday, in places, spaces, and in people. Walking around Chelsea in the morning with our dog inspires me, tucking into a new spirituality book inspires me, looking at a uplifting quote on Instagram inspires me, travelling to a new destination inspires me, writing from my feelings inspires me. I live for inspiration and thrive from it, so I try to always look out for inspiration, simply just taking time out, breathing, and implementing mediation can awaken my inspiration… really just by slowing down and doing less sometimes can spark inspiration, and give us our greatest insights.

“My grandmother told me; Always be kind, and nice to others, it will come back to you in a good or bad way.

“My motto in life is to live it fabulously!…Fabulous by definition means; amazing, wonderful… so to live it fully, to follow my dreams, to laugh lots, to never stop having fun, to fill my body with the best foods and supplements, to travel and do the the things that make me happy and joyful… injecting more fabulosity in your life, will make you feel fab, and we only have one life, so live a life you would relive… live it fabulously!

“Movement is very important for me, I go to five or six classes a week – mostly yoga, with some Pilates reformer and the odd barre class. I also walk daily because we have a dog. Movement makes you feel amazing, boosts your metabolism and is a natural stress buster!

“Beauty; so I am a bit of a skincare collector or beauty junkie and lately I have been experimenting on my own formulations, as I am planning on launching an organic seven step skin nutrition set in the near future, made with some of nature’s most nourishing ingredients.

“Glowing skin is your best accessory, and truly begins from within, so it’s important to feed your body with beautiful plants, lots of water and supplementation, but a skin care routine is really important too, I love pampering myself and doing home facials once or twice a week, which combines skincare and self-care and self-love in one… which are all essential for our wellbeing.”



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Certified Nutritionist and health coach
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