‘How I Found My Glow In Time For My Wedding Day!’

-Jun 9, Beauty -

At Lumity we have noticed that there’s a lot of supplement sceptics out there, who find it hard to believe that taking your ‘six a day’ (three capsules in the morning and three at night before bed) can really make that much of a difference. We asked one of our clients Lucie Lewis, a busy working mum of three who heads up luxury website Beyond Bespoke, to share her Lumity journey with us in the run up to her wedding…


Lucie Lewis, founder of Beyond Bespoke, marries husband Robin James looking gorgeous


Lucie says: “With my wedding day looming this time last year, I wanted to ensure that I looked and felt my best, and, fed up of sleeping badly every night with active dreams, which left me waking up feeling shattered and lacking in what I can only describe as va-va-voom, I knew that it was time to do something about it all.


“After all, no bride wants to be tired and frazzled on her wedding day!


“I’m a naturally energetic person, but the fitful sleep at night was robbing me of that energy and there were a lot of days where all I wanted to do was go back to sleep as soon as the alarm went off and I would feel tired throughout the day. Yet, when I was in bed, I was waking up on and off all through the night – it was a vicious circle and even though I had tried a few different sleep remedies, nothing seemed to work.


“My research led me to Lumity, as I had heard that one of the long list of benefits was better sleep – which was one of the big attractions for me.


“I’m an impatient person and like to see immediate results, but I was told that the earlier benefits are consolidated and improved upon with continued use – so the longer you take them, the better you will look and feel. After all, a lifetime’s worth of damage can’t just be undone in just a few weeks.


“After years of taking supplements haphazardly, and sticking with them for a few days before forgetting about them completely, I wasn’t sure if Lumity would be right for me, but I had been hearing such fantastic things that I couldn’t resist seeing for myself if they worked.”


Within just one month of taking Lumity every single morning upon waking and every night right before she went to bed, and never missing a dose, Lucie noticed benefits:


“I decided to take them properly and that paid off; within just the first month of taking them every morning and every night right before bed, sleep went from being fitful, with lots of waking up through the night, to deep and rejuvenating – in fact, it was actually a bizarre feeling to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day instead of exhausted,” she explains.


“I felt like a completely new person with a renewed vigour – not bad after just a few weeks. It was like that feeling you get when you’ve just returned from a wonderfully relaxing holiday – which was exactly what I was after, so I kept on taking them as directed.


“In the second month I saw my energy levels increase to where they were before I had my three children which was something that I never thought would be possible. I felt clearer mentally and was suddenly full of ideas and whizzing through my daily to do lists which included a wedding to plan, a business to run and kids to look after, with no problems at all. But I also noticed that I felt calmer and people kept telling me that my skin looked great.


“By month three I was noticing improved sleep, inner calm and I had a glow on my wedding day – three months into my course of Lumity and I’m ticking off the benefits one by one.


“Well, I have to say I am pretty delighted and I’m pleased that I decided to stick with Lumity and take the capsules as directed.


“I never do as I’m told – my physiotherapist who tells me all the time that I must do regular exercises for my back will vouch for that – but I can confirm that I am taking my ‘six a day’ (three in the morning, three in the evening) as part of my daily routine and I’m going to stick with these magic capsules from now on. I couldn’t be happier and with an investment in myself of just £2.82 per day they’re worth every penny.”



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