Inspiring women: ‘How I healed after years of chronic pain’

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chronic pain
If you have lived with chronic pain you’ll know how it seeps into all other areas of your life and makes you utterly miserable. This inspiring story show that you can heal and go on to lead a happy and healthy life. 


Chronic pain is something that Jane Dowling knows all to well. She is a London-based personal trainer and fitness consultant who owns her own studio in Bermondsey, with over twenty years experience in the industry.

Having trained many celebrities over the years, from Michael Douglas to fashion designer Roland Mouret, Jane even led actress Brooke Kinsella and her team on a charity hike to Machu Picchu in Peru in 2012 to raise money for the Ben Kinsella Trust.

Jane started taking Lumity just over a year ago, so we wondered what kind of benefits someone who is in such prime physical condition would see. We were astounded to hear that Jane suffered with chronic pain for years, but that she is now pain-free.


Jane Dowling Lumity
Jane Dowling, a London-based personal trainer says Lumity helped her heal after suffering from chronic pain for years…


Here’s Jane’s story: “I’m an ex-gymnast so I’ve suffered plenty of injuries since I was a young age.

“After starting in the industry as an aerobics and gym instructor, I trained to become a personal trainer and then a clinical instructor, running projects and working alongside health professionals in both the public and private sector.

“I specialised in clinical exercise, looking after GP referrals and specialising in cardiac rehabilitation.

“This was something I am passionate about, because I was involved in a car accident ten years ago which left me wheelchair-bound for a short time and with ongoing injuries and pain.

“Three years ago, another disaster struck: I had to have an operation that led me to have a frozen shoulder. It was a five-hour operation and I was in a sling for three months afterwards.

“It’s frustrating for anyone to be incapacitated in that way, but for someone whose life revolves around being very physical and moving all day, every day, it was a dreadful time for me. Chronic pain is miserable. 

“With my 49th birthday approaching this time last year, I was going through the menopause as well and I felt tired more often than I would have liked. When I am tired all of my injuries feel as though they are emphasised and I am in more chronic pain than when I am not feeling frazzled.

“Then I read that an interview with Yasmin Le Bon, who said that she had been involved in a road traffic accident in India and that doctors told her that it was taking Lumity that had helped her heal so swiftly afterwards.

“She also said that it had made her feel calm and more energised, even though the onset of menopause had initially been quite a dark time for her, but thanks to Lumity she had come through it all feeling happy and healthy.

“That really grabbed my attention; she’s 52 and, like me, feels it is important to be open and honest about going through menopause to take the taboo out of it for women so we can talk about it all and find the best ways to cope with the symptoms.

“As well as all the aches and pains from the injuries, I had been suffering with hot flushes and night sweats. Diet and exercise helps tremendously: I have noticed that when I swim and do a steam afterwards that really eases the hot flushes, and I also do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), weight sessions and routines which strengthen the spine – which is incredibly important if women want to combat osteoporosis.

“Reading about Lumity intrigued me enough to give it a try, I love the fact that the ingredients are all-natural and it is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

“Well, I noticed a difference with Lumity after just a couple of months and after almost twelve months of taking the capsules every morning and night, it has certainly put a spring back into my step!

“I can say now that I am pain-free; which is miraculous for me as living with pain had unfortunately become a fact of life. I was feeling so fatigued in my muscles and tendons before, but that has all gone since taking Lumity because I am not tired any more!

“I am over the moon that I have started to make a big difference in my energy levels; I have been noticing that I have been training harder than I have for a long time which I just love.

“My sleep quality has definitely improved so along with my stronger nails, I am onto a winner!”


If you would like to see Jane’s anti-osteoporosis exercise videos then check out her Instagram, here. And, if you are looking for help and support as well as educated advice about the menopause join Jane’s private Facebook group Ageless Godesses, and Jane has a brilliant blog here. 

Are you ready to sail through the menopause? Here’s an easy fuss-free menopause fighting game plan and did you know that HRT can take the misery out of menopause, here, Dr. Louise Newson tells us why.


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