Glycation: ‘How I kicked my sugar habit for good’

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We all know that refined sugar is bad for us: For years now e have been told that it causes tooth decay, spots, weight gain and more. But did you know that sugar causes premature ageing and gives you wrinkles? 


Sugar: Have you ever considered quitting your sweet treats? One of the fantastic things about working in the wellness industry is seeing that once people make one healthy lifestyle choice, others tend to follow.

Those of us who have been feeling tired and overwhelmed for a long time find that just a few simple changes gives them the energy to start working out, or they learn about the nine causes of ageing and decide that they’d like to cut back on refined sugar because it causes glycation.

Glycation: ‘How I kicked my sugar habit for good’


Louise Mulryan is busy mum of three and was finding that she was relying on sugary snacks in a bid to give herself an extra boost to deal with the exhaustion that comes with a never-ending to-do list.

She was also taking a lot of different supplements and vitamin pills in a bid to feel healthier, but says that now she realises that she was possibly doing more harm than good to herself that way. By switching to taking just one quality supplement every morning and night and focusing on cutting out the foods which she knows aren’t the best for her health she knows now that her body is getting all it needs to function properly so she can get on with her life and relax.

Here, she shares how she kicked her sugar habit and learned to feel more energised naturally, as well as restoring her skin’s glow: “Earlier this year I was finding that I was turning to refined sugar a lot to try and give myself a boost,” Louise tells Lumity Life magazine.

“It was becoming a real problem. Like so many women I have a huge amount of stress in my life and I was feeling exhausted and constantly in need of an extra boost so I was reaching for sugar – especially in the afternoons.”

Qutting sugar: How healthy alternatives helped ease my sweet cravings


Louise explains that healthy versions of her favourite sweet treats helped tremendously: “I signed up for a course in superfoods with an expert called Naomi Buff with the aim of reducing my refined sugar intake and satisfying my cravings for sweet snacks with healthier alternatives. 

“I decided to try Naomi’s recipes and switch to using her healthy versions of my sweet favourites and make that part of my new, healthier lifestyle. 

“Another thing I did was stop taking all the other supplements I had in my cupboard and I switched to just one that I knew was all natural and high quality. I didn’t notice any kind of negative difference from stopping all the other health store supplements, so I started thinking that they probably hadn’t even been working.

“Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that I was sleeping through the night: Instead of waking up and wanting to turn off my alarm clock and go back to sleep for another couple of hours, I was waking up and feeling as though I’d just had the perfect amount of rest. It was quality sleep, instead of restless and fitful. I felt ready to face the day instead of wanting to crawl back under the covers.

“It was a wonderful feeling. With the deeper, more quality sleep came a gentle energy and it was easier to deal with all the stress in my day to day life.”

Why taking just one quality supplement helped to banish sugar


There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to taking health store supplements Louise says: “I started to realise that I had probably been self-medicating with all the different vitamin pills and supplements like ginseng, therefore putting far too much of one nutrient in my body but then not enough of others.”

I did stop craving sugar and didn’t have a mid-afternoon slump anymore


We all know that it can be hard to follow a perfectly balanced diet every day when you’re running around and if you’re then trying to right any dietary wrongs by taking a number of different supplements all at once, Louise found herself wondering if she had been harming herself instead of healing herself as she had hoped.

Louise explains: “I found that I did stop craving sugar and didn’t have a mid-afternoon slump anymore. Instead, I was eating healthier meals and really enjoying them. I felt calmer, and better able to deal with stress.

“By the end of the second month I noticed that my hair was no longer falling out as it had been, and it was becoming thicker. My friend said one day that I was looking good and asked if I was using different make-up. At that time I wasn’t even wearing any!

“Then I went out for lunch with a couple of friends and they asked if I had lost weight and said that my skin was looking clear and fresh. They were so impressed, it was a lovely feeling. 

“Now six months on, my life is still stressful, but I have made the positive decision to cut back on as much of that stress as I can and make it more manageable.

“I’m not a supermodel like Yasmin Le Bon, I’m a normal, busy mum with no time to go on spa breaks or to see a top skin specialist and a nutritionist every week. 

“What this simple life change has done is enable me to feel and look better without constantly worrying about what the latest health, diet or beauty advice is. The benefit of better sleep has given me the energy to work out and make wiser food choices.

“I know that my body is getting all the goodness it needs and having that peace of mind is fantastic. It’s costing me far less each month than I was spending on multi-vitamins and supplements before and I feel clearer, more focused and much happier too.”

In summary: Let’s take a look at what Louise did. 


First she took a look at how she was feeling and noted that she wasn’t sleeping well. That caused her to feel a slump in the afternoons, which in turn made her reach for refined sugar as a quick fix. After the inevitable crash from her blood sugar levels spiking and the resulting inflammation she was unable to sleep. This then caused a vicious circle. 

Next, after identifying the problems Louise decided to quit refined sugar and switched for healthy versions of her favourite sweet treats. The recipes she used were created by Naomi Buff and you can see many of them on her website. 

And, she also realised that having a cupboard full of different supplements which she had bought in a constant struggled to feel more energy she opted to take just one high quality supplement which she knew had been formulated to give her body the right nutrients at the right time. 

Result: Quality sleep, reduced cravings for sugar, more energy and better skin and hair. 

What changes have you made? We’d love to know. Join the conversation and leave a comment below. 


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