How is Lumity’s supplement different to a multi-vitamin?

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You may have read reviews of Lumity’s award-winning supplements and then looked at the ingredients and concluded that a multi-vitamin must be better because it contains more nutrients.

When it comes to paying for nutritional supplementation, less is not more and quality is key. In short, you get what you pay for. But Lumity’s supplements are very different to a multi-vitamin in many ways. Here’s just a few.

Lumity takes a targeted approach

A multi-vitamin lumps together, frequently to excess, recommended daily quantities of all the vitamins and minerals required by our bodies in one tablet. Multi-vitamins serve the belief that the body will take from a multi-vitamin tablet what it needs and discard any excess – this is not true. Or perhaps use the excess to do an even better job, that is, if enough is good, more is better – doubly not true.

As nutrients operate in balance and according to optimum ratios, we risk exacerbating existing deficiencies by tipping ratios further off balance. Excess amounts of any vitamins and minerals can lead to imbalances in the body that influence the absorption and function of other nutrients. 

Lumity does not approach the body from the perspective of deficiencies to correct; instead it targets the body’s efficiency, which declines with age. Lumity provides the targeted nutritional support the body can specifically use to regain the efficiency eroded by ageing.

Why are Lumity’s capsules softgels?

The bioavailability of a supplement refers to how effectively the nutrients it contains are absorbed and used by the body. Multi-vitamin supplements usually have to be taken during a meal in order to be mixed with fat to be effectively absorbed.

However, tablets may disintegrate too slowly and fail to provide the specific nutrient at the right intestinal sites, decreasing absorption and potentially causing gastrointestinal upset. 

In softgel capsules, all the ingredients are already suspended in oil. The shell will gently dissolve in your stomach within 3 to 4 minutes and the ingredients, already mixed with oil, are ready to be absorbed directly and completely.

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Do Lumity’s ingredients work together?

Lumity contains many ingredients not contained in a multi-vitamin supplement. 

The unique mix of nutrients, omega fatty acids and herbal actives, along with carefully-selected vitamins and minerals, has been scientifically-calibrated to specifically and effectively sustain youthful health in the body. Each process in the body targeted by Lumity is supported by a team of nutrients that work together to boost efficiency. 

Lumity’s ingredients have been separated into a morning and an evening formulation, with the morning capsules specifically boosting energy, immunity, and skin radiance; you may notice other benefits too as everyone is different. The unique synergy of the team in the evening capsules is aimed at rejuvenating so you awake feeling well-rested and energised.

Can Lumity offer tangible results?

Multi-vitamin supplements are often taken as an insurance policy in the hope of reinforcing our health and preventing deficiencies. We rarely, however, expect or experience any tangible benefits.

Lumity offers noticeable benefits. This new level of efficiency is consolidated week by week to manifest stronger energy levels, healthy, youthful skin, hair and nails, a strong immune system, greater strength and stamina and a new happier balance.

After putting Lumity to the test, clients tell us they have become used to looking, feeling and living healthy, strong and beautiful. And, as a happy side effect, you may get lots of compliments on how well you’re looking, as well as deciding to make other lifestyle changes to future-proof your overall wellbeing.

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