‘How Lumity helped me focus’ – Andrew Irwin, super bike racing star

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Andrew Irwin is a British superbike rider who hails from Northern Ireland. The Honda Racing star is the new ambassador for Lumity’s Morning and Night Male Supplements. He started taking the twice-daily supplements shortly after we launched a trial to test the benefits of this new product before it went to market in January 2019.

‘I was travelling a lot with Honda Racing at the time,’ Andrew says. ‘I always suffered from horrific jetlag, especially if I went out to places like Singapore. It was so debilitating that it would knock me off my feet with exhaustion for a few days after I’d arrived.

‘One of my colleagues was signed up to the Lumity Male Supplement trial and suggested that I try it too. He’d read that it works with the body’s circadian rhythm. He told me the circadian rhythm being out of sync when you’re on a new time zone is what causes jet lag. So, I thought, why not? It’d be life-changing if it helps.

You need to perform at your best and be focused and sharp

‘When we arrive in a new country we’re only there for a few days before flying back home again. But when we’re racing professionally on superbikes every second counts. You need to perform at your best and be focused and sharp. If you take your eyes off the track for one second out could mean you crash. When you’re jet-lagged it can be hard to keep up this level of focus and to get off the plane and straight on a superbike, racing professionally.

‘I’d been taking Lumity Morning and Night Male for about four weeks when I first flew from the UK to Singapore for work. I noticed a real difference not long after I had landed. My jet lag was minimal this time. I couldn’t believe it. At first, I wondered if it was a placebo effect, but then as time went on and I flew back and forth around the world to more countries my jetlag had pretty much gone.

It was great to feel sharp

‘It helped me perform better when I was on the track because I wasn’t exhausted. It was great to feel sharp and I was sold on them from that moment. I know that it’s a comprehensive supplement and improves things like skin, hair, nails, energy and more, but for me, I’d happily take it every day and night all year round, just so I don’t suffer jetlag when I travel. 

‘I’ve noticed other benefits too. In the winter I’m outside training in the rain a lot. I used to continuously come down with bad colds. But last winter I had just one cold and it was really mild. I had the slightest sniffle, nothing more. So, it has definitely helped my immune health. 

‘My hair grows so fast that I have to get it cut every two weeks. It’s really healthy and strong. People tell me my skin looks good and although I have a lot of energy anyway, I think I’m sleeping better at night. 

‘I’ve got into a routine with taking my Lumity now. I keep my morning ones by my breakfast cereal and my bedtime ones by my toothbrush. So before I go to bed I take the night ones after cleaning my teeth. Then, I take my morning capsules with a glass of water before I have my breakfast cereal.  

I feel much more positive and happy in general

‘This isn’t mentioned as a benefit on the website, but I feel much more positive and happy in general when taking Lumity. That might be because there’s turmeric in there which works as a kind of natural happiness nutrient. Or perhaps it’s because I’m well-rested and have decent levels of Vitamin D3 and magnesium as well as other essential nutrients. But it makes a real difference when I am racing as so much of what we do on the track is psychological as well as physical. 

‘I’m so happy to have discovered Lumity and I want to help introduce it to as many other people as I can so they can enjoy the multiple benefits for themselves.’

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