Why manuka honey is a powerhouse for your skin

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The health benefits of eating manuka honey never cease to amaze us, but did you know that it’s great for your skin too?

Manuka honey doesn’t just do you the world of good when it’s drizzled into a cup of steam ginger tea, it has a whole host of amazing benefits when applied to your face too.

We admit slathering it onto your skin sounds a little sticky but the good news is that Lumity Facial Oil contains manuka as part of its team of 32 100% all natural, scientifically chosen blend of oils. If you’re looking for a healing but light balm, an oil which contains manuka could be the answer.

What is manuka honey?

Manuka honey is a special type of honey made from bees who only visit manuka flowers. The plants are native to New Zealand, but the honey is popular around the globe. It contains incredibly powerful antibacterial compounds which is why it’s often used in both traditional and modern medicine. On top of that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy body.

What can manuka honey do for your skin?

Tackles spots and blemishes: Manuka is thought to be a potent anti-inflammatory so it’s great for clearing up spot-prone skin. It reduces redness and helps to calm inflamed, irritated skin. 

Reduces scarring: Due to its lightening effects it can help to fade scars. Manuka is also a regenerating balm so will reduce the appearance of scars and soothe and regenerate damaged skin. So if you’ve got a case of sunburn you could reach for the honey pot – or your Lumity Facial Oil.

Hydrates: It’s a natural humectant which means it helps to draw moisture into the skin. Well hydrated skin is key in keeping its elasticity and youthful appearance.

Cleanses: Honey is a natural cleanser so you can actually use it to wash your face.

Protects against oxidative stress: Because it’s packed with antioxidants manuka honey helps to prevent oxidative stress which cause skin damage and wrinkles.

Anti-ageing: Manuka helps slow the signs of ageing by stopping enzymes called cathepsins from destroying collagen, one of the key components that keeps our skin strong, supple and youthful.

How to use manuka honey on your skin? 

Face mask: A manuka honey face mask couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is apply a very thin layer to your face, neck and chest. Let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Alternatively or in addition you can massage Lumity Facial Oil into your skin twice a day.

To cleanse: Add a teaspoon to some water and create a non soapy wash.

For acne: Simply apply the manuka to the affected areas, leave on for 10 minutes before washing off in a warm shower or bath.


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