How to avoid festive weight gain

-Dec 11, Naomi Buff, Nutrition -


The holidays are about relaxing, eating delicious food and spending time with family and friends. But did you know that on average people gain a minimum of 5lbs of unwanted weight during the festive season?


Here are some of my top tips for enjoying the festive season without needing to go up a dress size (or two!) on January 2nd.


Prep, Plan, and be a Smart Shopper: The easiest and most manageable way is to plan ahead and shop for fruit and vegetables that are in season. If you have social engagements in the evening, make sure you consume nutritious ingredients during the day. Each week do a shopping list that will include healthy snack options, and an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. A breakfast smoothie is a great option first thing in the morning it will fill and fuel you up until lunch, so the night before chop and divide all your ingredients into a large jar so you can blitz, blend and go. For lunch opt for a sumptuous salad with some lean protein or a fresh hearty soup free from dairy, sugar, and sodium. A great snack is a large green juice with a handful of nuts and seeds. Preparing your body for a party will help you make more mindful choices when you are out. Savour the canapés but don’t overeat, enjoy the cocktails but sip on water in between.


Drink Up: I cannot stress enough how important it is to hydrate your body; fresh water, coconut water, herbal teas or fresh vegetable juices are all wonderful choices that will help boost your body before any big event, which also will help reduce that headache the next morning that is caused by dehydration. Drink at least 8-10 cups of a mix of the hydrating liquids listed above during the day.


Move your body: Although it can be much more hectic at times during the holidays, try to pencil in at least 15 minutes of exercise per day, whether that’s walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, or spinning etc. Getting your heart rate up will give you energy, glow and will help you burn off any extra calories which you have consumed that week.


Nap: Restful Sleep is the most essential part of a healthy lifestyle, it gives you energy, clarity, a clear mind and helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles. It can be a little more tricky this time of year, so if you can make time for a 20 minute power nap before heading out, it will do you wonders. It’s amazing how such little time can make you feel brand new and more beautiful.


Get your C on: Nothing is worse than getting sick over the holidays so try adding more vitamin C to your diet during this time. It will help boost your immune system and is a fabulous cold and flu defender. There are so many great sources of vitamin C that can easily be implemented into your meals. Oranges, lemons, red, green and yellow pepper, cabbage, kiwi fruit, goji berries, strawberries, papaya and pineapple – just to name a few. Don’t forget that the popular festive favourite tangerines – which are in all the shops at the moment – are bursting with vitamin C.


Load up on Lumity: You’ll want to look and feel beautiful from the inside out with so many beautifying, energising, and immune-boosting properties, make sure not to skip a morning or night dose.

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