How to beat the post holiday blues and live life to the full

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Everyone loves time off but nobody likes the post holiday blues! So to ward them off we’ve got some tips to make saying goodbye to your get away that much easier.

You want to return from your fun-filled holiday feeling relaxed, de-stressed and ready to face the real world again, but coming home can unfortunately bring you down, down, down. You don’t have to cave in to the doom and gloom of post holiday blues though, by following these steps you can keep them well and truly at bay and live a fuller life in the process. 

Make plans

It can be tempting to get back and immediately start looking ahead at next year’s holiday. But it’s important not to live purely for your vacations. Making plans to do things you enjoy regularly will not only give you things to look forward to, it’ll help ensure you’re doing your best to live life to the full, not just once a year. 

Arrange to meet up with friends for dinner, book a day out somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or simply set a date for a coffee date with a loved one. 

Putting things in your calendar is a great way to make sure life isn’t just passing you by.

Do something with your holiday photos

All too often the photos you take on your holidays stay on your phone or are downloaded to the computer never to be seen again. Keep the memories alive instead and pick some of your favourite snaps from your time away and print and frame them.

Make me-time

You shouldn’t be done with rest and relaxation just because you’re not on a sandy beach anymore. It’s so important for your body and mind to take time for yourself. Even if it’s just 20 minutes to put your feet up and read a book or have a relaxing bubble bath. Just think how much more productive you were when you returned from your holiday after a little time off. Recreate a bit of that with a few minutes of me-time every single day. 

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Make a resolution

Don’t save resolutions for the New Year – more often than not the pressure only makes you fall back on them anyway – instead make a new season resolution. Give yourself something exciting to strive towards come Christmas time. You don’t have to move mountains however a manageable but worthy challenge will shift your focus from feeling glum about being back. 


It’s not good to leave your suitcases full of all your summer holiday memories lying around. So make sure you unpack as soon as you can on your return. Not only that but taking a day for a good clear out will help feel like you’ve got a fresh start. Since you’re unpacking anyway you could have a wardrobe rethink and treat it like a suitcase, keeping only the stuff you really need. You may even make room for some new seasonal essentials.

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Recreate your favourite holiday meal

Don’t just reminisce, recreate! No doubt there was an unforgettable meal you had when you were away, so whether it was cooked by you or served up in a restaurant, why not recreate it at home. Then don’t flop down to scoff it down in front of the TV, make a real meal of it instead. Gather around the table to enjoy it just how you did on your holidays.

Invest in your future self

Now that the holiday is over, perhaps you feel like a post-summer detox? Invest in Lumity’s flagship Day and Night supplements and you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic by the time the festive season parties roll around.

If you can’t even bear the thought of post holiday blues then try these tips to live every day like it is a holiday and start writing a gratitude list too.

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