How to boost your overall wellness in just one day

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What a difference a day makes! Even when it comes to your wellness. If you think you can’t make big changes in a short amount of time, then think again. Here’s how you can help get your health back on track in record time. 

There’s no denying that to look and feel your best you need to invest time and effort into your wellbeing. But the impact of making small changes, which can be done in a day, also can’t be stressed enough. 

So if you’re thinking it’s time to boost your wellness and better your health Lumity can put you on the fast track.

Drink a cup of hot water

The wonder of water never ceases to amaze which is why staying hydrated is so important. But if you want to give your eight glasses of H2O a boost then drinking a hot cup of water first thing in the morning should do it. 

Sipping a cup of the warm stuff in the AM will not only wake up your digestive system up but it can kickstart your metabolism and reduce puffiness and bloating too. 

Add a slice of lemon for flavour as well. 

Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day as you mean to go on! This means packing up the processed, breakfast foods and opting for something healthy and delicious instead. 

By eating whole grains, fruit, eggs or oatmeal first thing you’ll be setting yourself up for a much healthier day. This is because the right foods will fill you up for longer and when you opt for something healthy first thing you’re far less likely to reach for something naughty later on. 

You’ll also notice your mood will be boosted and you’ll have more natural energy as well.

We’ve put together healthy breakfast ideas.

Watch your water

Dehydration is a demon for your body inside and out. It can lead to headaches, constipation, dry skin, fatigue and even mood swings, so start looking at how much you really drink.

Sipping water throughout the day, rather than glugging a glass when you suddenly remember, is a much more effective way of hydrating – and it won’t leave you dashing to the toilet quite as often either. 

So to ensure you’re getting your quota grab a bottle and have it with you all day. You can even get ones with times marked on the side so you know where the water levels should be at any given time. 

Go for a walk

It could be a brisk walk first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or even after dinner, but getting outside for a little exercise can instantly lift your mood, reduce stress and give your heart health a kick too. 

If you regularly cave into cravings in the evenings then a post-dinner walk is a great way to help you resist them and a lunchtime power walk can get you away from your desk and into some fresh air as well. 

Eat the rainbow

It’s not just kids who avoid their all important five-a-day, adults are guilty of it too. Bring a little fun to the table and challenge yourself to eat five different coloured fruits and vegetables each day. 

Five servings should be the minimum you aim for and if you add a portion or two to every meal you’ll be surprised how easily you can get there. 

By adding the colour test you will likely start experimenting with new fruits and vegetables too.

Switch out your sugar

Sugar isn’t the enemy, it’s too much of the wrong sort that can be. Swapping refined sugar for natural sugar will make a massive difference to the way you look and feel. Cutting back on refined sugar – not just in sweets and cakes, but in the likes of white bread, pasta and store bought sauces too – can help you lose weight, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and ironically give you the energy kick you may have been seeking from the sugary drinks and foods you were used to consuming. 

Monitor your sugar intake for a day and work out how you can switch out the processed sugars for natural ones instead. 

Take Lumity Morning and Night Supplements

Making the decision to add Lumity Morning and Night Supplements to your daily routine takes seconds, but the health benefits can last a lifetime.

The all-natural supplements nourish you from the inside out and offer targeted nutritional support to improve skin, energy, tiredness and wellness. 

Add movement

One workout on one day won’t transform you but vowing to add a little exercise into your daily life is a monumental step in the right direction. If the recommended 150 minutes a week seems like something you’ll have to work slowly towards, then begin by adding more movement to you day. Take the stairs instead of the lift, take a lunchtime walk, do some squats while brushing your teeth and just be more conscious about how much time you’re spending sitting down.

If time is the issue, remember you can break down your workouts into more manageable 10 minute blasts and squeeze them in a few times a day instead of all at once.

Straighten up

Way too many of us spend our days hunched over a computer or slouched at our desks. Good posture gives you confidence and makes you instantly look leaner. But keeping properly aligned also helps prevent excess strain on joints, muscles and your spine. By sitting or standing up straighter you can actually help relieve pain in your body, from a bad back or neck. It can improve your breathing and leave you less fatigued and with more energy.

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