How to combat dry skin from frequent hand washing

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There’s no doubt that we’re all washing our hands more frequently, which is essential to stay healthy, but what about our dry hands? We’ve come up with a soothing hand massage using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients, which will also calm feelings of stress, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

How to do a hand massage

  • Sit somewhere comfortable, on your bed or sofa surrounded by soft pillows is perfect. If you’d like to apply extra pressure having a table nearby to lean your elbow on might be helpful.
  • Apply a couple of drops of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients to the palm of your hand. Then work your way up your other arm from your wrist to your elbow and back down again on each side. You could extend the strokes all the way up to your shoulder if you want to. Repeat at least three times on both sides of your forearm to warm up your muscles so you can fully destress.
  • Using your palm, gently apply pressure and stroke from your wrist dow to your fingertips on both sides of your hand and repeat three times.
  • On both sides of your forearm your wrists, gently pinch the skin starting at your wrist and work all the way up to your elbow and back down at least three times.
  • Using your thumb and forefinger use a circular motion to work your way all the way up and down your hands and arms on both sides. Use moderate pressure and repeat three times.
  • Finally use your thumbs and using a circular motion, apply moderate pressure over the back of your hand and your palm. Massage your thumbs with your fingers and use your thumb to massage in between your thumb and forefingers.
  • If you want to, you can repeat over, or whenever you feel your hands need some extra loving care.

Combat dry skin from frequent hand washing

A powerful blend of nature’s most precious botanicals, Lumity’s Skin Nutrients is a treat for dry skin, adding an injection of moisture and healing where needed. It works on skin all over your body, not just on your face, so it’s perfect to use on your hands to combat skin from frequent hand washing.

If you’re looking for a way to treat your face too, why not try this facial massage by skincare queen Nichola Joss?

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