How to do Jennifer Lopez’s workout at home – by her trainer

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If you’re avoiding the gym at the moment because of fears over the worrying spread of the coronavirus then why not work out at home? We’ve taken inspiration from none other than Jennifer Lopez. The 50-year-old singer, actress, dancer, model (is there anything she can’t do?) has an incredible figure and is known for her healthy eating, tee-total and super-fit lifestyle.

The star is gearing up for her It’s My Party US tour this summer, as well as being mum to twins Max and Emme – and she’s celebrating her 51st birthday on 24th July. Of course Jennifer is paid a fortune to keep fit, and she works hard to keep it that way, but she works with the best in the fitness business so we wanted to go directly to them to find out what exercise we can do in the comfort of our own homes!

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Fortunately, Jennifer’s personal trainer David Kirsch – who founded top New York fitness centre Madison Square Club and has trained numerous A-listers such as Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Margot Robbie – has shared his top workout techniques. If Jennifer can pull off a crop top and skin-tight lycra leggings at 50, then so can we.

According to David, Jennifer likes to combine a mixture of bodyweight training and cardio exercises – both of which you can practice at home. The trainer has recommended the following exercises…

1.Sumo lunge side kick

This move combines three parts to tone your bottom. Begin in a sumo position with your knees bent, then bring your right knee towards your chest and step to the side in one round move. Then bring that knee back to the chest and do a kick to the side.

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Return to the sumo squat position with your body over your heels, then complete a jump with your hands over your head and land back in a sumo squat, then up again. Repeat with the left leg. Alternate between the left and the right for 15 lunges each side and 30 squat jumps.

2. Platypus walks

This move works on the lower part of the behind and inner thighs. Begin in a plie squat, hands on hips and walk forward in this position with your knees and toes parallel and the weight in your heels. Walk forward for five steps then back five steps and repeat this exercise five time.

3. Plie squats

This is great exercise for toning the glutes and one you can easily do at home. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and turn your toes out slightly like a ballerina. Then squat and lift your heels at the same time, then back to your original position. Do 15 reps.

4. Leg lifts

This exercise is perfect for toning the derriere and inner thighs, as well as working on your balance. First balance on the right leg and bend down to your right foot, at the same time pushing your left leg behind you, then back to your starting pose. Your hips need to be aligned throughout. Do 15 reps per leg.

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