Video: How to do Yasmin Le Bon’s make up in minutes

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When was the last time you updated your make up routine? Many of us tend to stick with one look that we know works, never trying anything new, when in fact our skin changes as we age – meaning that updating our beauty routine is worth thinking about.


Superstar make up artist Lisa Eldridge has created a series of video tutorials for every occasion imaginable; she’s added everyday looks, party and evening looks, basics and skincare tips to her website – which is packed with simple and clever beauty tricks.

If you’re thinking of changing your look, there’s a few things that are worth considering before you hit the beauty aisle in search of new products: “Skin tends to get drier as we get older, causing foundation to cluster in creases,” explains Gina Brooke, Madonna’s make up artist. To avoid that she suggests starting your routine with face oil, before using a decent primer. 

Gwyneth Paltrow’s face guru Angela Levin adds to use a lighter hand when it comes to hiding dark circles under your eyes: “Choose a product that’s not too heavy or dry, and blend with a brush,” she says.

As for eye shadow, less is more as each birthday goes by: “If you were very dramatic with eye make up when young, you have to tone it down a notch,” says Levin. “Harsh colours accentuate age.” She advises going for neutral tones, using the slightly darker one to contour along the crease of your eye.

Eyebrows tend to thin out as we age, so fill them using a pencil that’s slightly lighter than your real hair colour and if you use a dark lipstick it might be time to rethink as they can be too severe. Instead, opt for medium tone rosy shades and dab a bit of gloss in the centre of your lips to make them look fuller.



But remember; make up is supposed to be about having fun – so play around and enjoy some me time. If you fancy a change then the full run down of Yasmin Le Bon’s gorgeous rock chic look video is below, it’s easy to do yourself and Lisa Eldridge explains it step by step.

Whilst Lisa was explaining how to do Yasmin’s make up at home, the pair had a good chat and even talked about Lumity (above).

Yasmin underlines that what we put in our body is as important as what we put on our body. They both agree that stress burns up our body’s store of magnesium so if in doubt, top up.

The supermodel even says that she uses magnesium instead of anti-inflammatories. Yasmin has said that Lumity’s day and night capsules make her feel well-balanced and that they’re an essential part of her anti-ageing toolkit. 

And, if those sparkly eyes are anything to go by, then Yasmin is certainly doing the right thing for her health and wellbeing.





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