How to eat your way to a better sex drive

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A flagging libido can have a knock on effect on your relationship and can leave women and men lacking in desire and confidence too. So if you feel your sex drive drifting and you want to get it back try adding some of these nutrients and vitamins to your diet to give it a kickstart. 

A healthy libido is a positive thing, but for many women and men, at some point in their lives, they’ll find it waning or completely non existent. Partners can be left feeling unwanted and the sufferer at a loss as of what to do. 

While there is plenty of support from medical professionals there are specific all-natural ingredients which are available in food so you can eat your way to a better sex life, lift the libido and bring back some spice to the bedroom too.

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Arginine’s ability to increase blood flow can certainly help when it comes to sexual arousal. The amino acid can be found in watercress, peanuts and spinach and some supplements contain it too. It’s completely safe to be taken by men and women and can boost desire for some passion.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is good for so much more than your skin, hair and nails. Low levels of this powerful antioxidant can cause a drop in sex drive so it’s essential you have enough of it in your diet. If you’re concerned this is what’s causing the lull in your love life then add some to your diet with sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, spinach and peanuts which are all great sources of vitamin E. 

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When your mood is low, your libido can follow. Polyphenols are loaded with antioxidants which can raise the levels of serotonin and dopamine, both of which lift your mood. They are improve circulation and blood flow. If you want to add them to your diet then things get a little dark – in that you find them in dark, red grapes, red wine and berries. 

Spinach, cloves and artichokes are also great sources of polyphenols. 

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3s are winners in the libido boosting department. These fatty acids raise feel good, dopamine levels and can enhance arousal too. Not only that but if you’re suffering from anxiety or depression which can lead to a lower libido, they can help with those feelings too. 

Omega 3s are also great moisturisers meaning if lubrication is an issue for you they can assist with that as well. 

Omega 3 fatty acid rich foods include the likes of salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnuts and flaxseed oil. 

Vitamin D

While the best way to acquire vitamin D is with exposure to the sun there are plenty of supplements and foods, such as eggs, fish, salmon and cheese, which contain it. And if you’re libido is isn’t what it was, then you may want to boost your vitamin D levels. 

This is because it’s been shown that low levels of vitamin D have been linked to low libido. It would also explain why it’s common to have a lull in your sex drive during the winter months!

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