How to embrace the Glass Skin beauty trend

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How to embrace glass skin beauty trend

Where K-beauty leads, we can but follow. And the Korean beauty trend which is setting social media alight right now is all about how your skin looks rather than the makeup on top of it. Glass Skin is a term which has sprung up for skin so flawless, luminous, transparent and even it looks like it’s made of glass.


Glass Skin – next level cleanse, tone and moisturise!


If you like a low maintenance skin care routine then the quest for glass skin is not going to be for you. For such a clean and simple look there is a lot going on behind the scenes. “Beauty regimens in Korea are obsessive and thorough, with considerable time dedicated to prep and products,” warns Lesley Reynolds co-founder of the Harley Street Skin Clinic. “The rituals are almost religious.”

Fans of this look truly deserve the result because they are really putting the effort in. While the product recommendations vary, the routine is similar. Let’s start at bedtime where the work begins… First you need to remove all your makeup. This is a multi step process rather than a quick wipe over. Removing all traces of makeup and environmental pollution as well as dirt and oils which have built up during the day is essential. Start with a cleanser or cleansing wipes. This is where most of us stop – which might be why we don’t have Glass Skin. Fans of the look will continue to cleanse with a wash off cleanser and also twice more so the skin is thoroughly clean. Make sure these products are moisturising so they remove grub but don’t strip the skin of moisture.

Then it’s time to tone. This is something many of us avoid as toners have a reputation for being drying. “A glass complexion is achieved through double cleansing, followed by patting on at least seven layers of hyaluronic water toner,” explains Lesley. New generation toners can actually be moisturising while also removing any last dirt which could remain on your face. Now you are clean, it’s time to moisturise.


Moisturising is everything to getting Glass Skin


If you think you moisturise a lot you’ve never met someone with Glass Skin. We are talking layers of moisturising products and serums as that “A hyaluronic-rich night cream is used to give the best possible start to skin in the morning,” says Lesley. And then in the morning more moisturisers are used, these are usually jelly like in texture as this is designed to absorb more readily into the skin – especially in hot climates. Throughout the day a moisturising spray should be use to maintain the moisture level of your skin and prevent dry patches.


Masks and exfoliation for Glass Skin


A smooth skin texture and absolute clarity are essential for a glassy complexion, so regular exfoliation needs to be thrown into the mix. Many fans say every other day at least is necessary. “Smooth skin texture and clarity are essential, so a glass complexion requires regular gentle exfoliation, using an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) based product which can unblock pores without irritation,” explains Lesley. Traditional ‘scrubs’ can be too harsh for such regular use as they slough off the dead skin. The AHA style exfoliators are ‘unstick’ dead skin cells so they can be removed which is gentler on skin.

Glow from the inside out and get Glass Skin


Products and routine will only get you so far though. You need to make sure you glow from the inside out with a diet which is going to nourish your skin and nurture it and make sure it grows the very best it can anyway. Glass Skin fans online often discuss how helpful avoiding fried foods and loading up their plates with lots of vegetables is to ensuring healthy skin with few or no break outs. 


How to wear makeup on Glass Skin


“Obviously with a face this moisturised, makeup can be a challenge. The ‘glass’ look is very much about a glowing complexion rather than a matt made-up finish,” says Lesley. Instead look at drawing attention to your incredible skin which you have worked so hard to achieve. “A flawless naked face is at the heart of this trend, enhanced by a technique involving finishing with a light-reflecting serum on natural high points of the face.” This should be a wet rather than dry highlighter so the shiny finish is maintained.


For more on Glass Skin take a look at Ellie Choi’s routine which went viral earlier this year. We have been wondering if a hefty drizzle of Lumity Facial Oil on your skin in the morning and before you go to bed might just be an easier option? Here’s why TV star Christine Lampard says that all she needs is a dab of concealer when she has to be up for work at 4am each morning. 

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