How to exercise your way to glowing skin

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The benefits of exercise go way beyond what it does for your waistline as it benefits your heart, your health and even your skin!

While you might think working up a sweat will only cause breakouts and a puffy red complexion, there’s a lot exercise can do for your skin too. Although its important to shower soon after a workout so that the sweat and bacteria doesn’t sit on your skin too long, here are the ways your gym session can give you a more radiant complexion. 

Increased blood flow

Increased circulation means more than a beetroot coloured complexion. It means there’s increased blood flow, and in turn more nutrients and oxygen being delivered to your skin cells. You are essentially feeding the skin from the inside and a workout can even plump up it’s appearance. 

Less stress

Exercise reduces stress and we know that stress wreaks havoc on our skin. Releasing those happy endorphins when you work out will help you relax, release muscle tension and make you feel better about yourself all round. Stress hormones can also effect the sebaceous glands in the skin and that can make breakouts more likely to happen. So anything to reduce stress levels will work in favour for your skin.

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Improves muscle tone

It’s not only the skin on your face which benefits from a good workout. Toned skin looks and feels better too. Since your skin is tighter when you’re in shape it’s less prone to wrinkles and sagging. You can even indulge in facial exercises to specifically target the area above your shoulders – and you don’t need a gym or any equipment to do that. 

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Better sleep

Beauty sleep is imperative for good skin and exercise helps you sleep better. For skin to repair and regenerate it needs time to get the job done. Exercise tires your body out and lowers stress which makes you more likely to have a healthy sleep pattern. Just ensure you don’t hit the treadmill too close to your bedtime or it can keep you awake! 

Fights visceral fat

The layer of fat stored underneath your skin is called visceral fat and it builds up around the organs in your abdominal cavity. Excessive visceral fat is linked to inflammation and even insulin resistance which are both bad news for skin. A consistent exercise regime – regular low impact workouts are better than the odd high intensity class – will help you burn away this fat and keep you glowing.

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