How to feel energised when you’re exhausted

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Ever feel like you’re really run down? You suddenly feel tired all the time and get struck down with cold after cold. It can seem like a difficult rut to get out of, leaving you feeling seriously fed up. An unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, busy schedule and too much stress can all contribute to an unhealthy system. So why can’t you shift it?

The first thing to do is rule out more serious conditions, which may be contributing to your fatigue. Book yourself an appointment with your doctor who can rule out conditions such as anaemia, sleep apnoea, an underactive thyroid, depression or glandular fever – amongst other illnesses. If you get the all clear, try some of these lifestyle changes to get back on form…

Eat frequently

Eating more regularly throughout the day is a simple change you can make today. The NHS recommends having meals and healthy snacks every three to four hours rather than eating larger meals less often to increase energy levels.

Take some gentle exercise

Going for a walk or cycle may be the last thing you feel like doing, but starting regular exercise will actually give you more energy in the long run. Begin with a relaxed 15 minute walk to get yourself moving and build up to the recommended 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week.

Get enough sleep

Going to bed an hour later than you should will soon add up and drain your body of vital energy. Reset your body clock by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, aiming for eight hours sleep each night and avoiding napping during the day. Make sure you switch off your phone at least an hour before going to sleep, as the blue light from the screen can disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

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De-stress your day

Stress is the worst for getting back to health after a spate of illness, so avoid it if you can. Find something that relaxes you, whether it’s taking a bath, listening to music, doing yoga or spending an evening on zoom with your friends.

Cut out caffeine and alcohol

A comforting cup of tea or coffee may seem like the answer when you’re feeling flat, but it’s actually is the opposite. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, you should abstain from caffeine for a month to help regain energy levels. Alcohol isn’t much help either – while a glass of wine may chill you out at the time, it ultimately contributes to your tiredness as we sleep less deeply after a drink.

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Fruit-infused water is a delicious way to stay hydrated

Drink more water

While we’re on the subject of fluids, do you drink enough water? A cause of your tiredness could be down to dehydration without you realising, so try to up the number of glasses of water you have each day.

Try a supplement

A daily supplement like Lumity could be just what you need to give your body that extra boost. It contains Vitamin C and Magnesium to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue and contributes towards a normal immune system function with Vitamins A, C and D3, plus Selenium and Zinc.

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