How to future-proof your body and stay healthy for longer

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Healthy eating and exercise are important, we all know that. For our health, for our figures and for our general wellbeing. However, we lead busy lives, with children, partners, work and friends all vying for every moment of free time, so it’s not surprising that workouts slip and fast food gets eaten more often than we would like.

But while workouts and salads are important for today, the thing many of us forget is that they’re also vital for the future. And the lifestyle decisions we make in our 30s and 40s are impacting the decades to come.

There’s no doubt in our minds that 50 is the new 40, and 40 the new 30. We live in an age where advancing years are to be celebrated for the wisdom and confidence that they’ve brought us, rather than feared for the opportunities and experiences that are dwindling. But there is one important truth to remember: as the years tick by, so our body’s ability to deal with fast living and lack of attention diminishes.

If we remember that now, the amazing thing is that we have the ability to actually future-proof our bodies, and make sure that not only do we live to see many, many more decades to come, but that we’re in good enough shape to enjoy every one of them!


Celebrity personal trainer Nadia Fairweather
Celebrity personal trainer Nadia Fairweather who has trained Princess Beatrice reveals her top tips to future-proof your body and stay happy and healthy for longer.


Celebrity personal trainer Nadia Fairweather, who famously helped Princess Beatrice in her inspiring physical transformation, has drawn up the below guide to making sure your actions today ensure you’re feeling and looking fabulous in the future.

Here’s Nadia’s top ten tips to future-proofing your body

  • Keep Active: Regular activity that means moving every single day. Running, walking, cycling to work, yoga classes, tennis, golfing. It doesn’t have to be hard, or taxing, but it does have to be regular.


  • Do Something You Will Continue in Later Life:  Yoga is a good one as it keeps you supple, encourages excellent circulation, and is a full body workout.  I also think golf is good as you need to walk for miles, out in the fresh air, and it’s social.  A win win in my books. Swimming is especially great for those who have joint issues, it gets the heart pumping so it’s great for keeping up the cardiovascular side of your health, and it is also a full body workout.


  • Lift Weights: Weight bearing exercise is a must.  In order to encourage the osteoblasts to continue to build up the bone density you need to include weight bearing exercises in your regular regime.  Power walking is a great example.  Pre and post-menopausal woman need to be extremely aware of this.


  • Eat Fruit and Veg: Fresh raw fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily.  The greater the variety the greater increase in vitamins.


  • Get Outside: Top up on the vitamin D, feel the air and the sunshine when it’s out and be amongst some greenery.  Good for body and soul.


  • Get Quality Sleep.  Try and get into a regular sleeping pattern and make sure to get enough of it.  Your body (cells) repairs itself when you are resting.


  • Reduce Screen Time: Especially before bedtime.  Posture is so adversely affected by phones, iPads, laptops – you’re all slouched down, head forwards, rounded shoulders. Neck and back pain will be in your future and your core muscles are completely switched off


  • Wear Sunscreen: Nothing ages your skin more than sun damage.


  • Eat Well Consistently: Ditch the fad diets and opt for healthy meals. Avoid processed foods and fizzy drinks and try to eat whole foods that haven’t been pumped with hormones, chemicals, stabilisers, MSG, and artificial sweeteners.


  • Get the Vitamins you need: Eat foods rich in antioxidant nutrients: Vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium are vital. Citrus fruits, eggs, almonds, meats and ginger root are a few examples of what you need to eat to get them.



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