How to garden your way to good health

-Aug 7, Hannah Hargrave , Fitness -

Gardening is about a lot more than potting a couple of plants and pulling up a few weeds, done right it could just be the total body workout you need no matter what your age. Follow these tips to get the most out of your green fingered fun.

If you want to get lean, why not go green? Gardening has an abundance of benefits for mind, body and soul and if you’ve asked yourself whether gardening really is exercise then the answer would be ‘yes’. With a little guidance you can put even more oomph into raking, digging and trimming and have a gym worthy workout on your doorstep.

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It might surprise you but sweeping can really get your heart pumping. Pick up the pace of your sweeping motion and push a little harder too and you’d be surprised at how quickly you get a sweat on.


Who knew that raking is actually better exercise than sweeping? The more leaves and grass you have to gather up the better, because not only do you need to make the piles, but you have to haul them away too. Just make sure you’re bending your knees to pick up the bundles rather than bending at the waist. 


Anyone who has ever done a day’s digging – or even just a few minutes – will know what hard work it is. It doesn’t just work your arms, but your shoulders, core, legs and back. It’s a full body workout. You don’t have to dig really deep to reap the rewards either, even just digging to turn over the soil will get you breathing harder and keep you in shape. 


Removing those wretched weeds doesn’t have to be bad on your knees because you could give yourself a leg workout instead. Many people kneel but if you’re able you should try squatting as you weed instead. Your muscles might burn a bit but be safe in the knowledge your legs are getting a great workout. 

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Put the sit on lawnmower away and get pushing instead. It’s not just the walk that’ll do you good but the pushing motion too will give your arms an extra bit of exercise as well. 

Load up the wheelbarrow

It’s no good doing all that hard work and leaving the mess behind. Load it all up into your wheelbarrow and cart the weeds, leaves and debris away. Once again bend from your knees and lift the barrow to give your shoulders, core, arms and back a fabulous workout.

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