How to get fuller lips without lip injections

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There's no need to turn to expensive lip fillers, which can sometimes end up looking odd. Here are some easy tips which make a big difference
You might have already noticed that winter is taking a toll on your mouth, the cold tends to give us dry, chapped lips and it’s tempting to bite them which often makes things worse. But did you know that dehydrated lips also make you look older? – that’s why a lot of women opt for fillers, in a bid to give their mouths a more youthful appearance. 


There’s no need to turn to expensive lip fillers, which can sometimes end up looking odd. Here are some easy tips which make a big difference…


Exfoliate your lips to make them look bigger


You may have seen hydrating scrubs for lips and thought why on earth would anyone bother? Well there’s a good reason to try them – flaky lips reflect less light. Some lip scrubs hydrate as well but a fabulous way of making your lips smoother and flake free is to brush them lightly with a toothbrush. This has the twin benefit of increasing the blood flow to the area which can also help your lips retain the volume they natural add and increase that rosy glow.

Fuller lips? Fake it to make it!

It’s the trick every celebrity makeup artist uses to make their clients look like they have a perfect, full pout. Overlining your natural lip line can be incredibly effective if it’s done well. First pat concealer onto your lips so it fully covers your lip line, this works as a base and blurs your natural line away. It will also give your lipstick a smoother finish which in itself will make them look larger. Then use a lip liner that matches your lipstick, and trace just slightly outside your natural lip line, don’t go crazy else you could accidentally channel the Joker! Fill your lips in with lipstick, or just use the liner for your whole mouth for a bolder look.


Optical illusions to make your lips look fuller


There are lots of smart tricks to make your lips look bigger using make up without over-lining. Try dabbing clear lip gloss in the middle of your lips. The shimmer and reflection picks up light, making your pout look fuller. You can also harness the power of light to make your lips look bigger by using a spot of highlighter on the skin on the middle of your upper lip in the Cupid’s bow you lips will look bigger.

Using two different nude lip colors can contour your lips. Just apply one shade all over your mouth, and the lighter colour in the middle of your lips. You can also use this trick to even out your lip size if you have one lip which is larger than the other. Just use this trip on the smaller lip.


Lip colours which make your pout look smaller


If you choose your colour carefully you can make your lips look fuller instantly. Just as dark clothes are slimming to your body, dark lipstick will make your lips look thinner too. Chose nude or paler colours to make your lips appear larger.


How do lip-plumping lip glosses work?


You may have seen lip glosses which profess to making your lips fuller. These work by irritating the lips with things like mint and cinnamon. They will make your lips tingle but in doing so give them a temporary boost too. Some also contain alpha-hydroxy acids or patented compounds to increase collagen production and give you a bigger pout over time.


Hydrate your lips for a fuller pout


When lips are dry and dehydrated they pucker in and look narrower and also make you look older. Make sure you use hydrating lip balms at night and in the morning plus whenever you see of feel your lips are a little dry. A youthful lip will look fuller too. You can try a dab or two of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil which contains 32 hydrating botanicals and is super-hydrating, there’s no added ingredients so you won’t have to worry about consuming toxins. 


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