How to get glowing skin in a hurry

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Who says you need to dedicate hours of your life to get a healthy and glowing complexion? With these simple tips you can get a natural glow no matter whether you have months, weeks or mere minutes. 

Glowing skin is healthy skin, but stress, age and lack of sleep can strip you of your radiance.  There’s no need to roll over and accept dull skin when there are simple things you can do to bring back the glow fast.


Dirt and grime makes for dull looking skin so an easy way to help your healthy complexion shine through is to cleanse. Wash your face morning and night to remove oil and debris that’s built up in your pores and give yourself a fresh, clean face to kickstart your regime.


Exfoliating your skin gives it an immediate glow and this is because you’re gently removing the dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it smoother and clearer.

Although we wouldn’t recommend exfoliating every day, especially if you have sensitive skin, two or three times a week will certainly help brighten skin.

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Your skin cells need to stay hydrated to remain plumped up and keep it from looking lacklustre and dry. When your skin is thirsty wrinkles can be accentuated so you want to make sure you’re not only drinking enough water but that the products you use are hydrating too.

Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil provides the full range of optimal nourishment the skin craves for 24/7 glowing health. It’s lightweight, hydrating, all natural and smells great too. 

Facial massage

It’s not just about the products you use but how you use them too. If you want glowing skin then consider a facial massage, which you can do at home. It barely takes any time and you can add it to your daily skincare routine. A-list facialist Nichola Joss swears by facial massage and has demonstrated exactly how you can do it using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil. The massage not only helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, but it can tone and lift the facial muscles too.

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Use an illuminating moisturser

There are illuminating moisturisers on the market which are also known as ‘glotions’. They are essentially the love child of a highlighter and moisturiser and can give you glowing skin instantly. 

Take supplements

You won’t see the glow right away but within 12 weeks of adding Lumity Day and Night supplements to your beauty regime you’ll start seeing a marked improvement in your skin, and overall wellbeing. 

Remember to consistently take the three softgel capsules in the morning and three at night right before bed.

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Lumity’s supplements are formulated to include some of the best vitamins for skin health, helping to keep your skin strong from the inside out.

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