How to get gorgeous, clear skin as you sleep!

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how to get clear skin as you sleep
We have all heard of beauty sleep, but did you know that there are some aspects of looking great that you can do while you’re getting your eight hours each night? We take a closer look. 


Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep isn’t just good for your mood – and the dark circles under your eyes – it’s great for keeping you looking and feeling your best too.

With the right preparation a lot of your routine can be done while you drift off into dreamland and here’s how.


Sleep on silk


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not only feel great but it can prevent against acne, improve dry skin conditions and reduce wrinkles too. In addition a soft silk surface to lay your head on will keep your hair smoother and shinier too.


Invest in a humidifier


Lack of moisture dries out the skin and leaves it looking dull. If you want to keep skin hydrated you could get some help from a humidifier. It will circulate the water in the air adding moisture to your surroundings and stop your skin from drying out.


Sleep on your back


It’s not confidence boosting to wake up in the morning, with a wrinkled chest and one side of your face looking like it needs a good iron. This is where your sleep position makes a difference.

“The best way to sleep, in terms of skin ageing, is on your back,” dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner MD explains to Lumity.

Snuggling up to your pillow either face down or on your side might be comfortable but unfortunately gravity and the friction from the pillow can cause creases which over time can become permanent.


Hydrate your lips


Your lips are often forgotten about in the nightly beauty regime, but wrinkles around your mouth and a shriveled pout can age you instantly. Give your pucker a pick-me-up with an overnight treatment.

Beauty expert Candice Meggan says: “You can use a gel lips mask which fits over your lips or a product like I am using which is a thick balm you put on before bed and it sets over your lips. It provides intensive hydration overnight. You will wake up with soft kissable lips.”


Massage in a quality oil 


Treating yourself to a massage with Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil before you go to sleep will relax you and work on your skin as you dream. The combination of 32 carefully picked botanical ingredients keep moisture locked in and rejuvenates skin cells as you sleep.


You can read all about the science behind the oil here and also watch A-list facialist Nichola Joss’ facial massage tutorial.

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