How to get healthy looking, gorgeous skin when you’re over 50

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There’s no denying your skin changes as you age, but you can still have an absolutely glowing complexion when you’re 50+.

Here at Lumity we feel there’s too much focus on turning back the hands of time and eliminating wrinkles in the beauty industry these days, rather than aiming for great skin, no matter what your age.
But by understanding what’s happening to your skin in your 50s you’ll be better equipped to care for it correctly and in doing so you’ll likely find you look really well in the process. Get ready for compliments!

What happens to your skin in your 50s

Your skin begins to lose its elasticity as you age when collagen production decreases. Your skin will therefore become more prone to unwanted premature ageing as each year ticks by.
You’ll likely find you lose fat in your cheeks which can lead to sagging, and dryness is a common problem too
We know that doesn’t sound exactly dreamy, but keep your chin up because there’s plenty that can be done about it.

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How to improve skin in your 50s?

Switch to an oil

You may have used the same moisturiser your entire life and you may even insist it still works wonders. But consider either switching it out for an oil, such as Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil or adding an oil to your skincare regime.
Lumity’s all-natural oil is nourishing, hydrating and packed with ingredients for optimal care the skin craves.

Look for products with Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to play a crucial role in maintaining and creating collagen so look for products which contain it. You’ll find it on the ingredients list of many natural skincare products – such as Lumity’s oil and our Morning & Night supplements – and you can ensure you have plenty of vitamin C in your diet too.

Facial Massage

A-list facialist Nichola Joss knows a thing or two about the quest for perfect skin. She swears by facial massage which you can easily do at home and takes barely any time at all. Her DIY technique stimulates collagen production and releases tension and stress too.

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Care for your eyes and lips

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than anywhere else and so an eye cream formulated for that area is a good idea. You can use that same cream for the skin around your lips which gets thinner, dryer and more prone to wrinkles too.

Wear SPF daily

Even if you didn’t wear sunscreen as a child or scrimped on it in previous years, it’s not too late to pick up the SPF and start wearing it daily. It’ll protect your skin from further UV damage and the risk of skin cancer. So apply it even when the sun’s not shining!


Boost the blood flow and nutrients to your skin with some exercise. Not only can physical activity help give you a glow it will put a youthful smile on your face too as working out releases the feel good endorphins.

Drink more water

Dehydrated skin looks older and it’s as simple as that. Up your hydration levels and plump up skin cells in the process. You don’t just have to drink plain H20 either. You can increase your water intake through water packed fruits and vegetables – like watermelon, strawberries and cucumber – infused water and teas too.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates you and your skin and drinking too much of it is bad for your body and overall health too. You don’t have to cut out your favourite tipple altogether to improve your skin, but try sticking to the recommended weekly limit of 12 units (for women) or less and when you do drink have a glass of water in-between beverages to stay hydrated.

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