How to get perfect holiday hair with minimal products

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The last thing you want to be do when you go on holiday is overload your suitcase with every hair product you own. We’ll point you in the right direction to get gorgeous locks with minimal effort. 

A different time zone can mean a totally different environment not only for yourself but for your hair too and this can wreak havoc on your hair. But rather than pack every spray, mousse, oil and ointment ‘just in case’ why not follow some of these tips so you can still have fabulous looking hair with far fewer products. 

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Hair accessories are on trend this summer and they are great for not only taking your look to the next level, but for distracting or hiding any issues you may be having with your locks. Invest in a wide headband, slides, clips, flowers or whatever else you fancy for taming and jazzing up your hairstyle.

Protect your scalp

A red, peeling scalp doesn’t just look unsightly it can be painful too. When you’re out in the sunshine it’s worth wearing a hat to not only protect the skin on your head from sun damage but your hair colour too. If you’re unfortunate enough to get a little sunburn up top you can use Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil on your scalp to help heal and sooth sunburn fast. 

Use Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

It might be called a facial oil but Lumity’s all-natural and nourishing oil definitely doesn’t have to just be for your face. In fact who says it has to only be for skin? This incredible oil works wonders with fly away or frizzy hair and all it takes is a few drops.

Warm a little between your hands and smooth on fly aways or run through from top to bottom for smoother, less frizzy hair in general. 

If you’re tying your hair up you could run it through the top of your hair to keep your locks in check too. 

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Prep before you go

To minimise the products you need to take with you ensure you prep your hair in advance. Treat yourself to a moisturising hair mask to hydrate your tresses and stop them from absorbing drying or discolouring minerals from the pool when you’re away. 

Also lay off the heated tools in the run up to your getaway to give your hair the healthiest chance of looking gorgeous.

Style it into a bun

A bun is not only easy it’s stylish and sleek whether you’re laying by the pool, out for a romantic dinner or partying the night away. A bun also works on pretty much any hair type, so long as it’s long enough to tie back you can give it a go.

A hair band and bobby pins is all you’ll need. 

Keep the wet look

Rather than trying to dry your hair after a shower, a dip in the pool or the sea why  not maintain the sleek wet look all day and even into the night. 

With your hair still wet, all you’ll need to do is put some gel on it and starting from the roots brush it into your hair and either leave it down or tie it up. 

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