How to smooth sagging neck skin without surgery

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how to smooth sagging neck skin without surgery
We all tend to focus on our faces but after spending our teens soaking up rays on the beach, and recent years staring down at our mobile phones, have you noticed the signs of what has become known as “tech neck”? We take a look at ways to smooth out lines without resorting to surgery on your gorgeous faces. 


Neck lines are par for the course as we hit our late thirties and early forties. But while it’s a perfectly natural and beautiful part of getting older, the first signs of ‘tech neck’ can get women all in a flap. Hands up if you’ve been wearing very high tight ponytails a la J-Lo, or eyeing up polo necks and scarves during recent shopping trips? 

But that loose skin along the jawline doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture because you can tone and smooth it using natural techniques. There absolutely are some simple remedies out there and they absolutely don’t include going under the knife.


What Causes Saggy Neck Skin?


A wrinkly neck can just be the result of genetics – if your mum had it and your grandmother did too, the chances are you’ll inherit it as well. But really it is just something that happens as we age. Gravity and sun damage make it worse and because people don’t tend to think about exercising their necks, the muscle wastes away over time.


Can You Stretch Your Way to a Tighter Neck?


In this day and age people spend a considerable amount of time looking down at their phones and tablet and this isn’t just antisocial it’s also troublesome for your neck. Not only can it cause painful back problems, it’s also bad for your skin. Holding your head up high will help to retrain the skin to be taut. Try to elongate your neck as much as possible rather than creating double chins from stooping and looking down.

Why Too Many Pillows Can Cause a Saggy Neck


You can stretch out your neck while sleeping too. If you snooze with two pillows it’d be worthwhile ditching one of them to reduce the angle between your face and neck. Switch to silk pillow cases which are said to be the ultimate for avoiding pillow face (wrinkles down the side of your face which you sleep on). 


Will a Facial Oil Improve the Appearance of Saggy Skin?


Just like your face and hands, your neck can get dry and wrinkly too. Using a rich, hydrating facial oil on your neck will help to hydrate the skin, plump it up, reduce wrinkles and leave your skin looking smoother.


What are the Best Exercises to Tighten Loose Skin?


Give your neck a workout and introduce some facial yoga into your daily routine.

Expert Danielle Collins suggests these three simple moves.

1.) Tilt your head up and make a kissing noise and motion up towards the sky.

2.) Place your index finger on your chin, just underneath your mouth and wrap your lips around your teeth. Open and close your mouth as you tilt your head backwards and back down again.

3.) Turn your head to one side and tilt the head back gently and hold it. Turn to the other side and do the same.


How Does Pinching Help Saggy Skin?


Danielle also suggests pinching the skin up and down on the front of your neck. This helps boost collagen, which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity.


Below London skincare queen Nichola Joss explains how to do her world famous facial massage technique. This one is specifically to smooth the jawline. We recommend doing it as often as you remember, but morning and night is ideal. 



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