How to have a healthy but fun Halloween

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Halloween doesn’t have to be a horror fest of sugar! There are ways you and your family can still have plenty of scary fun in a healthy way.

Halloween conjures up images of vampires, witches, trick or treat and sweets galore! While you don’t want to be that parent who puts a damper on their child’s festive fun, it can be downright scary looking at the amount of sweet treats being consumed.
Lumity have some simple and subtle ways to stick with the spirit of Halloween, but with a little less sugar and a healthy dose of active fun too.

Offer non-edible treats

If you’re the one behind the door handing out the treats (or tricks) consider offering non-edible items instead of sweets. While we don’t want to fill trick or treater’s bags with too much plastic tat to end up in our oceans or landfills you could consider offering things like giant chalk, mini play doh, rubbers, pencils, or reusable bubble pots. Or, how about fruit? you could offer dried coconut slices or a delicious tangerine.

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Fill up first

Make sure you have a proper, nutritious meal before you leave the house to go trick or treating or go to a party. You and your kids will be less inclined to overindulge if you’ve got a full stomach already.

Have fun with food

If you’re throwing a party try playing some games which incorporate healthy foods. Everyone will be so engrossed in the silliness of the activities they won’t think about why they’re not gorging on sugar. Apple bobbing, designing orange Jack-O-Lanterns or making a scavenger hunt to find various Halloween themed fruits and vegetables makes for fun entertainment.

Don’t keep it all

It can be tempting to hide all those sweets at the back of the cupboard when you get home, but if you don’t have a plan for it, it’s inevitable it’ll just gradually get eaten by you and your family or still be sitting there come next year.
Try buying back the sweets from your kids and exchange it for a fun day out instead, then either throw the sweets away, donate them or save them for a piñata for a birthday party.
Find uses for the sweets like decorating Christmas baking or an arts and crafts project.

Get moving

Halloween can be the perfect opportunity to get up and get active. Set a lengthy trick or treating route, jog or march between houses or try to reach a certain number of steps by the time you finish.
For a party you could have plenty of physical activities to keep the crowd jumping and pumping, including dancing, pumpkin tossing, musical chairs, hide and seek and crazy costume congas.

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Alternative sweet treats

Tasty doesn’t have to mean full of sugar. If you have the time you could switch out store bought sweets and cakes for homemade sugar-free pumpkin cookies or an equally as delicious and healthier option. By making them yourself you’re not only saving money you know exactly what you’ve put in them.

Of course after Halloween, the festive season is on the horizon so here’s how to avoid weight gain with all the fabulous celebrations that take place and consider giving yourself the gift of good health this year with Lumity.

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