How to have a stress free run up to your wedding

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Nobody likes a bridezilla! So if you want a calmer, less stressful run up to your wedding day then here are some tips for you

With wedding planning often comes stress but it is possible for the run up to your big day to be fun rather than fraught. Follow these tips for a calmer and possibly even stress-free lead up to your nuptials. You’ll thank us and so will your bridesmaids. 

As a bride-to-be there is so much for you to think about and as you creep closer to your walk down the aisle the to-do list seems to get bigger and bigger. 

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You want to enjoy picking your dress, sampling the cake and dreaming about your fabulous first dance so it’s irritating when the plans become a stressful nightmare which can turn you into a bridezilla.

Instead of rolling over and accepting it why not make room in your busy schedule for some of these tips which could turn wedding planning around and reduce your stress levels.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Easier said than done we know but on your big day you – and certainly your guests – are highly unlikely to notice minute details you’ve had sleepless nights over. 

While it’s understandable to want everything to be perfect if you can’t get the exact shade of ribbon for your flower girl’s hair or your table favours are smaller than you expected is it really going to ruin your wedding? We doubt it because in the grand scheme of things you’re still marrying your favourite person and that’s what should count.

Pay a planner

If you really are a barrel of worries over your wedding and the stress is consuming you then think about getting someone else to help you plan it. A planner would relieve many of the organisational pressures. If you haven’t budgeted for one you could involve trusted friends or family to take on some of the planning.

Loved ones are often happy to help. Just make sure you seek someone who is on the same page with what you are hoping so you have any fallouts before the big day.

Fashion designer adjusting the wedding dress before a picture perfect, stress-free big day.


Care for your body and mind with meditation. Even a few minutes in the morning when you wake up rather than immediately reaching for your phone could do you a world of good. If you’re unsure how to do it and don’t think meditation is for you, think again. The practice is incredibly relaxing and can work for anyone.

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Get your beauty sleep

It’s normal in the run up to your wedding to wake up with some worries but it’s imperative you get plenty of sleep to keep your stress levels down and your energy levels up. 

Establish a relaxing nighttime regime – which doesn’t involve screens – and work on getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night. Everything seems more manageable when you are well rested.

Take a supplement

There isn’t a magic pill that can plan your wedding but your Lumity supplements morning and night can certainly boost your overall wellbeing and nourish you from the inside out. The three capsules in the AM and another three in the PM will help boost your energy levels, aide sleep and keep your hair, skin and nails looking their absolute best for your big day.

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