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-Mar 21, Jenny Paul, Beauty -

Have you noticed that your hair is falling out more than you would like? There’s nothing more disheartening than brushing your hair and noticing that it’s thinning, or worse – waking up and noticing strands of your precious locks have been left on your pillow.

Hair loss can be down to several factors; genetics, illness, nutritional deficiencies, stress or hormonal imbalance as we age. The good news is that there are practical things that you can do to help your hair grow faster and thicker.

It’s crucial to focus on hormone balance as well as minimising your stress levels; enjoying regular exercise, eating a diet which is rich in nutrients and having lots of quality sleep will all help with these issues.

You can also do a hair masque once a week; the best way is to wash and condition your hair as normal and then massage a really high quality oil – Lumity Facial Oil is perfect for this.  Or you could try massaging raw organic coconut oil into your scalp and all the way through your hair to the ends. You can sleep with it in your hair overnight and then wash out when you shower in the morning. Style as normal and you’ll notice your hair is more nourished and glossy.

A good hair cut is essential; rather than looking at what the latest hair trends are, look back at photos from the past five years and pick one where you think you look fabulous. Thinner hair often looks best if cut into a classic sharp bob, rather than styled longer, but the right stylist can advise what will be best for you.

Extensions can wreak havoc on hair that’s already thinning, especially if you opt for permanent ones as the process of removing them can result in bald patches, so think carefully and get recommendations before going that route.

And, whilst many of us are slaves to having blonde hair and regular highlights, too much colouring can frazzle your hair so go to the best colourist you can find and make sure they’re using the latest products which will be less damaging to your mane than a lot of their earlier incarnations.

You could even decide to bite the bullet and go grey for a while; giving your hair a break from colouring.

Be kind to your hair. We’ve looked at practical ways to minimise stress before; you could try office yoga or look at these six ways to cut back on workplace stress and you might just find that perimenopause will be a really positive time in your life.

If you want to overhaul your diet, eating the way they do on the Mediterranean is a great, and delicious place to start.

Just like your skin, your hair needs feeding from the inside out as well as the outside in. Discover our carefully formulated products designed to give you the nutrients you need minus the things you don’t require. 

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