How to have gorgeous skin and hair, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly – according to a top lifestyle influencer

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Lauryn Evarts, who is the creative director behind the wildly popular American lifestyle empire The Skinny Confidential, is a woman on a mission: To inspire, empower and educate people who, as she puts it, are “the ones who without a doubt want to be the best damn version of themselves.”

How to turn a blog into a money-making dream business 

What’s different about Lauryn – and what has turned her blog into a successful business rather than just a hobby – is that no subject is off bounds, she’s authentic and speaks her mind, she’s passionate and well-informed, plus she’s always had a crystal clear vision of where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do.

In fact, she knew back when she was attending San Diego State University that she wanted to create a lifestyle website where she’d share clever beauty, health and wellness hacks with other like-minded women.

But, instead of just knocking something together on her laptop one night and learning as she went, Lauryn spent two years carefully planning it all out, BEFORE she found the perfect web designer who she knew would breathe life into her vision.

Why being patient matters when it comes to being successful 

The wildly popular lifestyle and beauty influencer and business mogul sat down with Lumity and told us how she made it to the top, plus her secrets for gorgeous skin and hair plus how to eat healthy food and exercise regularly – even when you don’t feel like it. 

 “I wanted to be THE BEST but I knew that would take patience,” she tells Lumity. “Success takes time, business takes time. Relationships take time. Building anything worthwhile takes time.”

“I built a really strong foundation for the blog and then I just found a way to figure it out. I never had moments of doubt and not a lot has happened that has been unexpected because I have always had such a clear vision. And it doesn’t take lots of money, if you want to do something, you can always find a way. I was bar tending and really broke but I set up a payment plan for my web hosting and was shooting photos on my phone at the start. My ultimate advice is start small, think big.”

Seven years on, Lauryn still works seven days a week on her business but that hard work has more than paid off: She is fast on her way to becoming the Martha Stewart for the millennials and the lively, frank conversation on her site is making wellness giants like Gwyneth look positively tame.

She has written a book, hosts a weekly podcast, has written a series of downloadable meal plans as well as created a 28 week bombshell body guide which comes complete with 27 minute workouts, as well as regularly updating her blog and collaborating with big name brands.

Her beauty and wellness advice is quick and easy, which is not a big surprise considering how much Lauryn juggles in her own life:

“I find that if I am complaining then I am on the wrong track so it’s a signal to adjust course,” she says.

“Yoga instantly calms me so I find time to do at least ten minutes a day. And if I have moments where I feel uninspired, then I channel discipline. As for balancing life and having it all, I recommend making lists and sticking to them. I also set goals for myself and make sure to meet them. Balance is discipline and discipline is difficult. If it were easy though, everyone would do it.”

Discipline can really take you places if it’s used correctly

Lauryn says; “If people are feeling overweight, or like they hate exercise, or anything in fact, I tell them to fake confidence first. Then use that new found confidence to fake they love exercise and then to just get on and do it. My workouts are just 27 minutes a day and that’s it. Anything I make in the kitchen often takes no more than 5-10 minutes.”

Hacks to learn to love healthy food 

“With food I add in twists and hacks so what I am eating is healthy but not boring. For example spinach in a sandwich instead of lettuce, or mixing kombucha with champagne and I do believe you can have it all: I am very much, kale in one hand, champagne in the other.”

How to take really great care of your skin 

“More than anything skin is IN. Take good care of your skin every single day. That means NO sun, wearing hats when you’re outside, wearing sunscreen. Exfoliating and facials are a necessity not a luxury. Dry brush your skin because it helps stimulate the lymphatic system.

“I’m a huge fan of facial massage and believe in trying new things. Cryotherapy where you sit in a freezing tank for a minute is going to be a huge beauty and wellness trend next year, while cupping is here to stay.

“More than anything, do you – don’t worry about other people. Back when I was bar tending I told this guy who had invented this big famous gadget that I wanted to do a blog and he laughed at me. Luckily I didn’t listen to him. Do YOU.”

Top four beauty tips to look and feel gorgeous by Lauryn 

I use oils for everything: to remove makeup, moisturiser, fight wrinkles, for hair and overall skin health. Here’s the list of EXACT OILS I can’t live without:

Rosehip: bye bye wrinkles!
Grapeseed oil: makeup remover
Jojoba: cleanser or makeup remover
Tea tree: spot treatment on pimples
Licorice root: combats sun moustache
Coconut oil: moisturiser for body
Favourite essential oils: use in my diffuser

Best part? They’re SO cheap. Enjoy the fountain of youth! 

The secret to looking gorgeous when you travel 

Sheet masks and under-eye pad are literally the best way to lock in moisture and collagen. Reduces puffiness under your eyes BIG TIME. Whenever I travel I wear a sheet mask to lock in moisture and I wear collagen eye pads every single morning.

Why face rolling is a must for gorgeous skin 

The ultimate beauty hangover cure. Face rolling reduces puffiness, reduces signs of aging long term, and FEELS AMAZING. Whenever I have inflammation or feel bloated, face rolling saves the day.

The secret to longer, fuller and shinier hair 

The secret to longer, fuller and shinier hair? Chill out on the shampoo. I get a blow dry at the beginning of the week and then use the SLEEP BUN throughout the week to maintain the look.

+ Take some water and splash it on roots
+ Use a blow dryer to blow the roots dry
+ Spray dry shampoo on roots & ends (6 inches away)
+ Add a little texturising spray at the end
+ EXTRA: spray grapefruit oil x water in to make it smell good!

The whole dirty process takes about five minutes. I’ve done this for six to seven years and it works GREAT because it slows down oil production.


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