How to have perfect hair on your wedding day

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While the styling takes top priority if you know how to care for your locks in the run up to your big day it won’t matter if you opt for an up or a down do

Your hair plays a big part on your wedding day and while the styling normally takes top priority if you know how to care for your locks in the run up to your big day it won’t matter if you opt for an up or a down do.

Planning your wedding can be a hair raising task and that includes choosing the perfect hairdresser and the ideal style to lay your pretty veil on top of.

But don’t  leave hair maintenance last on list because if you start in plenty of time and follow these tips – no matter what your hair type – you can have luscious, healthy locks come your wedding day 

Take a Supplement

Nourish your hair and body from the inside out by making Lumity Day and Night supplements part of your daily routine. Packed with nutrients to keep your overall wellbeing at it’s peak it also contains shine boosting selenium which supports hair and nail health. To really start seeing results start taking the three morning and three nighttime capsules at least 12 weeks before your wedding. 

Protect Your Hair

It’s not just your skin that gets damaged by UV rays and heat, your hair pays the price too. Heated tools like straighteners, curling tongs and hair dryers can dry out and break your hair. So limit the damage by using a heat protect spray or cream before you start styling.

Also ensure you’re not drying your hair too close with the dryer. You know how painful and potentially damaging it can be for a too-close blast of hot air on your skin so don’t subject your hair to that either. 

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Have regular trims

Many brides grow their hair for their wedding but without regular trims you risk split ends and damaged looking locks.

Book in for regular 6-week trims to ensure your hair remains at it’s healthiest.

Buy Quality Tools

With everything else you’re splashing out on for your wedding the tools you use on your hair are probably at the bottom of the pile. But quality brushes and heating tools are well worth the money because they can help keep your hair strong and healthy. 

If you look after your good brushes too there’s no reason why they can’t last a lifetime. 

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Avoid Washing Hair Every Day

To avoid your hair becoming too brittle and even too greasy don’t wash it every day. Shampooing too frequently can strip the scalp of it’s natural oils which can cause your locks to easily break or the scalp to overproduce oil.

It won’t take long for you to see that reducing your hair washing will actually keep it looking cleaner for longer. 

Think of the time you can save too from not having to wash, dry and style it every morning!

Eat Your Hair Healthy

A balanced and nutritious diet doesn’t just compliment your body it nourishes your hair too. Protein rich foods such as eggs and chicken will help care for and repair your hair. Berries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants which can protect your hair from environmental damage and fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which can help hair growth too. 

In fact there are multitude of healthy foods which benefit your hair and if you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and pretty much a balanced diet your tresses and your wedding waistline will thank you.

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Drink up! And by that we don’t mean sugary sodas and alcohol. Your hair needs to be hydrated just as you do so ensure you’re drinking plenty of water, 8 glasses a day is recommended. It’ll help your hair, your nails and your skin too and help you and your locks look as radiant as possible on your big day. 

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