How to incorporate your chores into your wellness routine

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Laundry Baskets

Daily chores don’t have to be the bane of your existence while you’re social distancing, because it turns out cooking, cleaning and washing up might just do wonders for your wellbeing.

Nobody likes waking up to a pile of dirty laundry or a mountain of ironing, but if you think of them as part of your wellness routine you might be more inclined to look at these chores a little more favourably. In fact once you turn these pesky daily dos on their heads you may even begin to enjoy them!

So, before you reach begrudgingly for the vacuum cleaner, read on for the ways these seemingly mundane tasks are doing you the world of good.

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Make it mindful

Believe it or not chores such as washing up and folding the laundry can actually relieve stress – if you do them right. All too often we multi-task our way around the home, juggling more than one job at a time or talking on the phone while doing them. But if you focus on the one task at hand wholeheartedly you can actually make it a mindful practice and even a form of stress reducing meditation.

Listen to music

Music is amazing for boosting your mood and even putting an extra spring in your step. Rather than listening to your own disgruntled huffs and puffs or whacking the television on, why not pick some upbeat tunes to move and groove to, while you get your jobs done.

Get outside

Whether it’s gardening, cleaning the outside of the house or washing the car, getting outside is the perfect way to get fresh air and clear your head too. Being inside too much can have a negative impact on your immune system so a dose of nature, even if it does involve mowing the lawn is healthy for you. If your job also means you spend a lot of time indoors then ensure you regularly pick outdoor chores and activities to give you access to fresh air, which has also been shown to boost your mode and reduce anxiety too.

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Burn calories

You can burn some serious calories with housework, which means you can see your chores as exercise too. If you put your back into it you can burn around 114 calories during your half hour of vacuuming and washing the floors with some elbow grease for 30 minutes will shave 187 calories off too.
If you don’t already have one, it might be worth investing in a fitness tracker so you can see just how far you’ve gone and how much exercise you’ve done after your chore. It’ll add a competitive edge to your routine and make you eager to one up yourself next ironing session!

Boost productivity

The simple act of making your bed in the morning can change your day around. Starting out with freshly made bed will give your day the productive beginning it needs to continue that way.
It’s also been shown that getting into a neat bed at night will improve your sleep too.

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Make family time

An endless list of chores can often feel like time wasted away from your loved ones, so why not try to make them part of the action? And probably not by shouting at the kids to “clean your room”. Being around your friends and family is so important to your health so suggest washing the car together, working on the garden as a team or make a ‘clear out’ a fun opportunity to reminisce.


TV star Nell McAndrew decided to treat her skin to a mask with Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse whilst cleaning her house the other day. Now that’s the kind of multi-tasking we like.

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