How to make easy avocado ice cream

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avocado ice cream recipe
Avocados aren’t just fabulous for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they can be used to create amazing desserts too. Try out this delicious, cool and creamy avocado ice cream as a lazy afternoon snack or for the finale of a BBQ with friends.


When you think of fruity ice cream flavours, strawberry and peach spring to mind but avocado’s rich, creamy texture makes it ideal for a refreshing summer treat too.

And before you think making ice cream is too complicated, this recipe is so incredibly easy you can have your mixture in the freezer within 20 minutes without any churning necessary.



2-3 large very ripe avocados

1 tbsp lime or lemon juice

400g cold sweetened condensed milk

600ml cold double cream

Fresh mint leaves for decoration – if you like



1. Cut the avocados in half, remove the stone and scoop out the flesh.

2. Combine the avocados, condensed milk and lemon or lime juice in a food processor and blend until it’s a smooth mixture with no lumps.

3. Take a large bowl and whip the double cream until it’s stiff. You’ll know you’ve got there when the cream points straight up the the sky when you turn the beater upside down.  Don’t go overboard with the whisking or you’ll end up with butter.

4. Fold the blended avocado mixture into the cream until there are no more white streaks.

5. Put the mixture into a freezer proof loaf tin. Cover with clingfilm – ensuring you press it down onto the ice cream to avoid ice crystals.

6. Freeze for 6-8 hours until firm and serve with your favourite toppings or just enjoy it as it is.


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