How to make your dreams and goals a reality

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A new year is always a brilliant time to start new healthy habits, change things we don’t like about our lives and make plans for the next twelve months and beyond. But sometimes having a life overhaul seems difficult and it’s hard to know where to start.

Something which we have been hearing about recently is setting intentions and then manifesting goals; suddenly everyone seems to be talking about it. And, according to self-help author Anne Jones, it’s simple to set the wheels in motion for accomplishing your dreams and desires using this method.

Anne says that she likes to set herself targets as a way of keeping motivated, and over the years she has found these simple steps work very well for setting intentions and manifesting what she needs or wants into her life.

Here’s Anne’s easy five-step plan to set intentions (or ‘goals’) and then achieve them:

Be sure of what you want

“Before you set out intentions, sit down and think about what it is you are asking for – either of yourself or for the universe to provide for you,” Anne explains. “The Law of Attraction is a powerful force that will actually give you what you are asking for but it will match your vision as like attracts like, so it’s really important to be clear.

“Make sure you are coming from your heart; that this is something you truly want and that you are not being influenced by other people or what you feel you ought to be doing otherwise your heart will not be in it and it will doubtless fail.”

Write it down

 “Write down your intention, what exactly it is you intend to do or attract,” Anne says. “This helps anchor your thoughts into the paper which takes it one step towards reality. Draw what you want or plan to do or be – just a simple sketch will do but the more detail and colour the better.”

Ask for help

“Ask for help by making a request for assistance in attracting what you need or the strength to fulfil your intentions,” Anne suggests. “Ask whoever or whatever you believe in: angels, spiritual masters, gods, nature or just put it out to the universe with a symbol. I use symbols to emphasise any intention as these bypass my own self-doubts and put out a clear message.”

Set the action in motion

“Get on with what you need to do to put your intention into action,” Anne says. “For example if you want to be more active join a gym or an exercise group, if you want to be less stressed take up yoga or meditation, if you want to lose weight enrol in slimming classes, if you want to write a book find a title and start scribbling down your thoughts; of you want to meet a partner then join a dating site; if you want to start a business make a website.

“Start to put your intentions into action immediately. Don’t prevaricate, don’t hesitate – just do it!”

Let it go

“Now, let go your thoughts on how you think you will reach your goal. The universe works in strange ways and we often achieve our goals and get what we desire in a way that we hadn’t even imagined. If you keep stressing about your goal you will be letting your emotions and mind get in the way. And lastly, don’t beat yourself up if you feel you are failing at any time – just make the next day a fresh start. Good luck!”


Do you have any goals or dreams you’d like to achieve? Let us know in the comments below… 

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