How to remember to take your Lumity Morning and Night Male supplements

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If you’ve taken the first step towards a new and improved you, by subscribing to Lumity’s supplements for men, then good things lie ahead – so long as you remember to take them.

Just as consistency is key in a fitness regime, the same goes for taking your supplements. If you want to reap all the incredible wellness rewards from the twice-a-day capsules you have to make taking them as habitual as brushing your teeth. 

So if you’re inclined to forget, here are some ways we think will help you to remember.

What are the benefits of Lumity’s Morning and Night Male Supplements?

Taken consistently the four morning soft gels and the four nighttime ones provide round the clock wellness for your body and mind. 

They’re loaded with essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients which can help improve hair, nails and skin. They boost energy, enhance brain function, improve tiredness and immunity and also reduce oxidative stress. 

Doesn’t sound like something you’d want to miss out on! 

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What happens if I forgot to take my supplements?

Missing a dose of your Lumity Supplements isn’t going to leave you with any unpleasant side effects, especially as they’re not taken for medical reasons. 

But if you stop taking them for an extended period of time your body is likely to miss the nutrients and vitamins it’s been boosted by – even though they are designed to be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

So, just as you may have felt you had more energy from taking Lumity supplements, you may feel fatigued when you take them out of the equation.

If you’ve been feeling less tired, you might find bedtime is a battle once again and that firmer, more youthful looking complexion you’d gained may look a little lackluster too. 

Put them next to your toothbrush

You wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without brushing your teeth or going to bed without a 3 minute brush and floss, so if you put your Lumity supplements right next to your toothbrush it’ll make it almost impossible to forget to take them.

Set a reminder

It sounds so simple, because it is. Set a repeat reminder on your phone morning and night to take your supplements. My people don’t stray too far from their phones or tablets so you’re unlikely to miss the alarm. Try 8am and 11pm, or whenever you tend to go to bed.

Keep them by your bed

Rather than storing them in a bathroom cabinet you rarely look in, why not have your Lumity on your bedside table, next to your water. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed to take them.

Put them in plain sight

You don’t want your Lumity supplements to become out of sight, out of mind. For this reason put them somewhere you can’t miss them. Maybe pick a spot which you walk past regularly in your house so you have a constant reminder to take them. 

Add it to your list

If you’re a fan of a to-do list then add ‘take your Lumity’ to it. You may think you don’t want to make your list any longer, but these are two ‘to-dos’ which are so simple to tick off, it’ll be easy satisfaction. 

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If you’ve not yet jumped on the Lumity bandwagon but are intrigued about more of their benefits and what you can expect from a supplement and also understand their ingredients too.

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