How to reset your health the simple way

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You don’t need a fancy retreat or a juice only diet to detox your body, because you can recuperate and feel healthier than ever with some simple steps at home.

People often think they have to go to extremes to get their body back on track, but while a fad detox might seem to work in the short-term, you often find yourself deprived and back to your old ways within days.
We know that sometimes – especially after over indulgence – you may be itching to clean up your act so here are ways you can do just that but in a simple and healthy manner.

Drink water

Kickstart your metabolism with a mug of hot water every morning and then ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s one of the simplest ways to help your body detox.
One tip to stop you having to dash off to the toilet every two minutes is to sip water throughout the day rather than washing down a big glass all at once.
You can infuse your water with fruit or herbs if you don’t like it plain or have herbal tea instead.


Exercise is a natural body detox. When you exercise regularly you have fewer toxins in your body. Moving promotes better blood circulation and helps your digestive system and strengthens your body too. Many people skip the workouts if they’re doing a calorie restrictive detox because they don’t have the energy to work up a sweat. So it’s better to eat regular, healthy meals so you can still exercise.

Have a sauna

Sweating it out in a sauna can feel like a total body detox in itself. Through sweating your body release toxins and your skin gets a treat too as the pores open and release trapped oil and dirt. Just ensure you shower afterwards!

Cut down on sugar

When you’re tired and stressed you crave sugar but if you want to feel your best, it’s time to back away from the sweet stuff. You can healthily detox by reducing the amount of sugar you eat and while it might be tricky to begin with once you see and feel the difference in your body it will all be worth while and you likely won’t go back. If you feel you need something sweet try grabbing a piece of fruit or even a square of dark chocolate instead.

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Become a tea drinker

Tea is loaded with antioxidants, it hydrates you and it’s a great go-to drink when you’ve got a craving for food.
The caffeine in tea is milder than that of coffee too, so you still get a little get-up-and-go but in a more gentle way.

Ditch processed foods

Rid your diet of unhealthy processed foods which can leave you bloated, your skin puffy and you feeling ‘blah’. Instead load up on a variety of exciting and tasty fruits and vegetables with some whole grains, seeds and nuts thrown in. You don’t have to do some crazy juicing to reap the rewards when you eat a healthy diet. It’s also much more satisfying to be able to sit down and eat a meal, rather than gluggling it down from a glass.


Your body needs quality sleep and enough of it too which is why it’s so important to reset your circadian rhythm and make bedtime a priority. In many ways learning to sleep properly is a detox in itself. You need to establish a healthy nighttime regime, go to bed on time, don’t eat past 8pm, turn off blue light emitting devices at least two hours before bed and regularly get between 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night. It’s imperative for your wellbeing inside and out.

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Eat regularly

All too often women starve themselves in a bid to quickly shift weight or detox their body, but this will just slow your metabolism and make you crave every food in sight. You’re more likely to cave in and eat something unhealthy when you’re famished. So instead stock your cupboards with only healthy food choices – which can still be delicious – and ensure you’re not skipping meals.

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