How to smooth out morning under eye puffiness

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Puffy eyes aren’t pretty and they don’t feel particularly great either. But you can banish them ASAP with the right morning routine.

We’ve all been there! You wake up in the morning and peek, bleary eyed into the mirror only to be met with a reflection which looks like you’ve not slept in week.

Your eyes are puffy, you’ve got bags and to top it off there are dark circles looming beneath your peepers. Whether it’s the result of too many late nights, an overload of processed snacks or your allergies are playing up, the fact is you’ll want to de-puff fast!

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So, what’s the secret to smoothing out under eye skin when puffiness has taken over? We’ve got some top tips. 

Lumity Ice Cubes

For a sweet smelling and seriously soothing remedy, sweep some Lumity laced ice cubes under your eyes and across your eyelids. Make a batch by adding a few drops of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil to the water, so that you have them to hand in your freezer and your eyes will get a nourishing, moisturising and de-puffing morning treat. 

Chilled teaspoons

Alongside your Lumity ice cubes in your freezer, have a container of metal teaspoons. When you wake up puffy grab a couple of the chilled spoons, lay back, and place them on your eyes. Relax and let the spoons do their magic. The cold tightens the skin and constricts the blood vessels to sooth swollen eyes. If you don’t want to use spoons for this try our gorgeous jade roller.

Cucumber slices

A couple of slices of cucumber placed on your eyes will go a long way to curing puffiness. This is because in addition to being cooling, cucumbers have astringent properties which tighten skin and reduce inflammation too. They’ll also combat dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. 


To increase blood flow and move the fluid which may have accumulated underneath the eye you can try a gentle massage. A-list facialist Nichola Joss has a soothing facial massage which you can do at home. It’ll relieve tension and reduce the fluid. Use Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and give your complexion a healthy boost at the same time.

Drink water

Your eyes may be puffy due to water retention and to combat that you need to drink up! If you had a salty meal or snacks the night before it can show in your face, so flush out the area and reduce the swelling by making a large glass of water your first port of call. 


If you have the time then squeeze in a workout to get the bloody pumping and the fluid moving. A brisk walk, jog or an at-home yoga routine would be a great way to kickstart your day and bid farewell to the puffiness that’s set up shop under your eyes.   

How to prevent puffy eyes

While the remedies above can work wonders, there are ways you can prevent puffy eyes from paying a visit in the first place.

Add a pillow – to avoid fluid pooling around your eyes you may want to prop yourself up a little more at night. This is especially good if you’ve been crying and you don’t want to wake up with the tell-tale signs of a tough night. 

Avoid salty foods – salt causes you to retain water in your face, so cut back on sodium laden foods which are wreaking havoc on your skin.

Limit alcohol – alcohol can leave you dehydrated and puffy, which means if ‘overindulgence’ is your middle name, you may want to cut down.

Remove your makeupsleeping in your makeup leaves skin prone to inflammation and breakouts. Ensure you hit the hay with a clean slate to lessen the chances of waking up with swollen eyes. 

Get plenty of sleep – you’re bound to look tired, if you are! So  make sleep a priority. Get into a healthy sleep pattern and your eyes, and your entire body, will thank you. 

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