How to supercharge your morning

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Ever feel like the beginning of your day could do with a bit of a boost? Perhaps you wake up feeling groggy for no apparent reason and take an age to get going. Is it only after a shower, two coffees, a brisk walk and catching up on the news that you begin to feel vaguely human?

It’s a familiar feeling, yet one that can get tiresome after a while. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find some extra energy first thing in the day to improve your mood and set you off on the right track? Well, thankfully there are a few helpful habits you can incorporate into your morning routine to supercharge your day.

Try a few of these energy-fuelled ideas…

Wake early

While there are pros to being both an early bird and a night owl, waking early actually gives you the time and headspace you need in the morning to do other energy-boosting habits, as detailed below. If you wake late, you won’t have time for any of these, instead you’ll find yourself rushing around the house in a flap, which in turn causes tiring anxiety. Waking early is the first step to creating an energetic start to the day.

Drink lemon water

Love a cup of tea or coffee on waking? Try swapping your regular brew for a glass of lemon water instead. The drink is said to kick-start your metabolism and aid digestion, making your body function better from the first hour of the day. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett are huge fans of the healthy early morning beverage, and if it works for them, it can work for us. Plus it’s super-simple to make.

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Make a plan

Decluttering your mind first thing in the morning is a fabulous way to boost energy levels. Write down a plan for the day, stating exactly what you need to do and when. This will instantly destress you and get your brain into a positive gear. There’s a growing wellness trend for rising early, settling down to some meditation or mindfulness and writing down your daily objectives. It’s certainly worth a try.

Exercise straight away

Do you ever begin the day with great intentions to workout then never get around to it? Try exercising at the start of your day – you’ll feel amazing and it will totally change how you approach everything during the next 12 hours. Those endorphins will be pumping through your body for hours afterwards and the satisfaction of knowing your daily exercise has already been done is worth its weight in gold. It could be an at-home Hiit routine, a run or a swim; whatever you choose, do it right after waking.

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Choose protein

Protein for breakfast is known to set your body up for the day ahead. It develops lean muscle and keeps you fuller for longer than a protein-free meal. Try and eat a breakfast that includes protein-rich foods such as eggs, yoghurt or lean meats to really boost those energy levels.

Find a tune

Another way to get those feel-good endorphins buzzing through your body is to focus on your happiness levels – and nothing boosts one’s mood like a good boogie to your favourite song. Crank up the music (on your headphones if you don’t want to wake the whole house!) and lose yourself in your tune of choice. We don’t often associate early mornings with relaxing but it’s a great trick for reducing stress and starting as you mean to go on.

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