How to switch up your skincare for winter

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It may seem like we have only just waved goodbye to summer and yet before we know it we’ll be facing the chill of winter and all the environmental changes that brings with it. This doesn’t just mean switching up your wardrobe it means you’ll need to get your skincare prepared for the chill too.

While we love winter and all the frosty excitement it brings, there’s no denying the weather is far from kind on your skin. But if you know what you need to fight off the cold spell you can ensure your complexion stays hydrated and smooth and dry, flaky skin is kept at bay.


It’s so easy to forget to apply sunscreen when it’s a cloudy, cold or overcast day but busting out the SPF every day, no matter the weather, is what’ll help keep your skin youthful and protected from harmful UV rays. In fact if you have snow on the ground UV radiation is increased because of the reflection, so it’s essential not to skip sunscreen.

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Moisturising has never been so important as it is in winter. Humidty is low during winter and with the heating cranked up inside as well your skin easily dries out.
Consider opting for a nourishing oil like Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil which is all natural and doesn’t contain alcohol or chemicals which can further dry and irritate your skin.
Apply the oil while your skin is still damp from its cleanse and it’ll help seal that moisture in too.

Buy a humidifier

Bring on the humidity in winter because when it’s low it dries your skin out. To keep the air indoors at normal humidity levels it might be worth investing in a humidifier.

Stay hydrated

You need plumped up skin cells for a plumped up, healthy complexion, so it’s imperative you stay hydrated. When you’re dehydrated it shows on your skin and it becomes dry, grey looking and premature wrinkles begin to show.
Aim for at least eight 8oz glasses of water a day and remember you can also get your H20 from the foods you eat and warming herbal teas as well.


It’s easy to back away from the gym and snuggle under the covers on a dark, winter’s night. But exercise helps boost circulation and give you a glow, short and long term. If the lack of sunlight is getting you down too, physical activity will also help boost your mood by releasing those feel good endorphins.

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, the harsh elements still manage to dry out your skin leaving you with flakes which makeup is only going to make worse. But regular exfoliation will shift dry skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath.
Lumity’s 4-in-1 cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day because the biogradeable jojoba beads which do the exfoliating won’t irritate or damage skin.

Stop hot showers

Basking under the water of a hot shower sounds dreamy when it’s cold outside, but we’re sorry to tell you it’s not doing your skin any good. Long, hot showers dry out your skin and can strip it of it’s natural oils so you’re much better off turning down the heat and reducing the time you spend in there too. Sadly the same goes for baths!

It’s not just your skin you need to weatherproof for winter, here’s what you should be doing for your hair too and if you’re looking for some DIY face masks to treat your skin with this winter, we have the perfect ones for you.

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